1. Menshevik

    Which Germany was more formidable and powerful?

    EDIT: (IN THEIR RESPECTIVE TIMES) When was Germany more powerful? Was it on Hitler's watch? Or when the Kaiser was in charge?
  2. J

    During WWII, did the Kriegsmarine have a surface fleet formidable as the UK and US

    In terms of having large quantities of sophisticated ships and amphibious warfare capabilities. Like the Japanese, did Germany have the ability to take over territory by sea while facing powerful naval adversaries like the Royal Navy and US Navy?
  3. R

    who was the more formidable foe in Vietnam? The NVA or Viet Cong

    I'm in highschool but am taking college U.S. history. We are discussing the war in Vietnam and aren't quite sure who was more of a threat to American lives. The north Vietnamese army or the Viet Cong. You guys help me out! :laugh:
  4. Polynikes

    Generals who were formidable warriors?

    Hey guys, I've always been interested in this subject. Of all the great Generals, whom do you think was the greatest Warrior? Alexander was undeniably fearsome - fighting in almost every battle and siege his army undertook; Pyrrhus, much like his cousin was an avid fighter; Hannibal was a noted...
  5. Eternalsonata

    Most Formidable City?

    I'm a little curious on the most formidable city. Many nations were sweepingly powerful and did not allow opposing nations to reach their capital hence why some cities are regarded as invincible (I.e. Rome for Romans). What I want to know is which city had the most fearsome defense in history...