1. M

    Is Belgium Frankish or Belgic?... Or dutch?

    Curiosity and other things.... Basically, where does a modern Belgian identity fall, is it where the Franks temporarily resided for a period during the dark and middle ages, or is it where the pre-Roman Belgae/Belgic populations were until being pushed out and/or intermarrying with/losing...
  2. S

    When did the Frankish royalty start speaking French?

    So I was watching the TV series "Vikings." In season three Ragnar Lothbrok and Hrolf begin their raid on Paris. Anyway in their opening lines, the Franks are speaking what sounded like an early form of French, (probably one based on the Oath of Strassbourg written in old French) Those of you who...
  3. grey fox

    How did Anglo-Saxon Feudalism before 1066 differ from Frankish Feudalism in England?

    It seems like a lot of threads I have created have sparked interesting digressions. I created this thread due to another interesting digression on my thread "What was the situation in England before the Normans introduced Feudalism to England". When I created the thread "What was the situation...
  4. H

    Rise of Frankish empire in 3 minutes!

    Rise of Franks' empire sybozN4Sb0s
  5. M

    Questions about the Anglo Saxons and the Frankish Empire, 9th century AD

    Questions about the Anglo Saxons and the Frankish Empire, 9th century AD Hello, I am doing some research and have a lot of questions about this time period? Can anyone help with any of the following questions or give me somewhere to start? Thank you! WHAT WAS HUNTING LIKE IN ANGLO SAXON...
  6. purpleguy89

    Visigothic, Frankish, and Anglo/Jute/Saxon law

    Salutations: So I've been reading on the medieval period. Having read a book focused on this period in Western Europe, and another on the Byzantine Empire, I'm now working my way through O' Callaghan's A History of Medieval Spain. And, in reading O' Callaghan, it's impressive to note how...
  7. A

    The Franks

    Opinions on the Franks as one of the 5 most influential groups of Europe? The Medieval Franks
  8. Druzhina

    Frankish, Saracen & Byzantine costume in the Melisende Psalter, Kingdom of Jerusalem

    Frankish, Saracen & Byzantine costume in the Melisende Psalter, Kingdom of Jerusalem Frankish, Saracen & Byzantine costume in the 'Melisende Psalter', Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1131-43 AD Upper Cover of the 'Melisende Psalter' David and Goliath in the 'Melisende Psalter' Betrayal in the 'Melisende...
  9. jrbartlett

    Why Justinian never made attempt at reconquering Frankish Gaul

    Just curious as to why the Emperor Justinian never made a attempt to reconquer Gaul for the Empire, when he brought Italy, North Africa, Southern Spain, Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica back into the empire. Gaul was just as a important part of the empire as was North Africa and the Franks were...
  10. Uhtred

    King Egbert of Wessex and Frankish military support

    Could King Egbert of Wessex (Alfred the Great's grandfather) have been as successful without Frankish troops and money? The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle says that from 792(?) the impetuous atheling Egbert, later king of Wessex, spent 3yrs of self-exile in Francia with Charlemagne (though not exactly...
  11. Guaporense

    Frankish Empire vs Tang Empire

    How about this? Two contemporary superpowers of the 9th century. One is the dominant power in the western end of Eurasia, another in the easternmost end, both empires have comparable amounts of arable territory under their control by the early 9th century. Assume that Q (for the trekkies) makes...
  12. G

    Clerics and monks in the Frankish world

    Hi, Im a French history student, prof. gave us this topic : "Clerics & monks in the political and social life of the Frankish world (6-10th centuries)" He expects a 8/10 pages dissertation, with a 3 sections plan. I actually have got a lot of material and a lot to talk about, but its a very...