1. Dose

    Hey there! This place looks fun!

    Hey so I stumbled across this forum recently but am only now deciding to create an account. I own a fairly new YouTube channel with my brother. We make short and digestible videos that cover interesting historical topics or questions. I thought this might be a good place to learn more about...
  2. Q

    This is going to be big fun

    Hello, Just joined yesterday, very excited to get started. Twelve credits away from my BA and hope to learn some new things for my final paper. My focus is on European History as I love to research my Irish roots. For my paper I am looking at the Manhattan Project. I live a few hours away from...
  3. E

    Fun Prompt: Form a cabinet of historical figures

    Hey, I'm new here and I thought this would be a fun discussion. I'm interested to see other peoples choices. Rules and Notes: Figures must have died before 1950. No limit on how ancient they can be. This is set in modern day. Assume anyone you choose understands modern technology, politics...
  4. Lawnmowerman

    How much fun was a monastry/nunnery

    Obviously this question is very situationaly loaded. The current sterotypical impression of life as a monk or nun is a rather dull affair of praying, fasting and looking at pictures of Christ. However there is plenty of sources indicating that monks and nuns partied hard and only paid...
  5. D

    12 Fun Facts About Maryland

    Check out these little-known fun facts about Maryland: 12 Fun Facts About Maryland
  6. D

    This Day in History: Interesting Fun Fact

    On this day in 1901, Connecticut becomes the first state in the U.S. to enact a law regulating motor vehicles. Read more: This Day in History: Interesting Fun Fact
  7. D

    19 Fun Facts About Boston

    Check out these interesting fun facts about Boston, which, as we all know, is steeped in history: How to Understand People : 19 Fun Facts About Boston
  8. Balian

    Its a bit funny how people make fun of the French military

    I mean considering that they have the best military record of any European country. In 800 years France has won 132 wars, lost 43 and drawn 10, making them the most successful nation in the history of Europe military wise. It seems to me that some people base all of French military history on...
  9. Misusawa

    Thought I may join the fun!

    Hello! I'm Amy (Misusawa or Misu-Chan are also names i answer to) I am a student at The Open University studying history. I'm generally vague and not good at introductions but i'll try! My main historical interests lie in the ancient stone circles and rock carvings that litter the...
  10. H

    Hi all! :) History is so enchanting :D

    Hi all! :) Nice to meet you all! History is so enchanting that it can help you understand the present by learning from the experiences and events in the past. So in some sense, learning history can help you become a better person. I really like it! :) However, there aren't enough people...
  11. pablo668

    More fun and games in Korea

    A couple days old now, but a bit of a worry. Should blow over as usual, but I do wish they'd stop the brinkmanship. North Korea issues threat as tensions rise -
  12. Magnate

    Watched a kinda fun comedy yesterday with my serbian friend

    It's called Black cat White cat. watch its funny as hell haha
  13. ez123

    fun forum!

    Hi, I've been looking for an interesting forum to spend my time. I've always enjoyed history, and people here seem nice. :)
  14. M

    Fun Explaining the Civil War to a Six Year Old

    My six year old son asked me tonight what President Lincoln did in the Civil War. "Did he keep all the soldiers together?" he asked. Trying to think of the easiest analogy for a six year old, I told him to think about a house. If a house has four rooms, could two of those rooms leave the house...
  15. R

    New World Organization just for fun

    I think UN have flows so I would start making a structure for a fictional new one. 1) Each current nation get 1 vote 2) 1 bonus for population of 50 million or more 3) 1 bonus for G20 4) 1 bonus for top 20 finance contributor, 2 bonus for top 5 contributor6 5) 1 bonus for top 30 military...
  16. PreColonialAfricaFTW

    Let's have some fun: speculative African history!

    I didn't want to post this in the speculative section because many of the people here might not see it, so I'll implore any moderators to not move it as a lot of the thread will be grounded in reality and concern Africa. The thread basically goes as follows: Try to think up interesting and...
  17. A

    Art History: 7 fun questions

    Hello, I am studying art history on my own for fun. I am not a student registered in any program. The following questions are my own; not an assignment or homework. Any help would be much appreciated: 1. Provide 2 or 3 specific examples of art (or a form of art in general) that is famous...
  18. Brisieis

    Fun in History

    Recreational activities are definitely not just something the modern world enjoys. People from the past have enjoyed all kinds of hobbies and activities to have fun, entertain and relax. Please share what you know from any time period in world history, pics would be awesome if possible!:)
  19. Helios

    Faroe Islands killing whales

    Whaling in the Faroe Islands - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The sea is stained in red and not because of the climate effects of nature. It's because of the cruelty of the human beings who kill hundreds of the famous and intelligent Calderon dolphins. This happens every year in Feroe...
  20. halomanuk

    Sir Charles Sedley, 5th Baronet - a man who knew how to have fun !!

    This man,prominent in the Restoration period of King Charles II,was a perfect character to fit into the 'party' time of the King's reign. He wrote songs,plays,poems and often got himself into serious bother due to his drinking and 'don't give a s**t attitude' to life. He formed the 'Merry...