1. HongRengan

    Let's share a random funny historical tidbit.

    I'll go first: Jean-Baptiste Lully, court composer for Louis XIV, once stabbed his foot with his conducting rod while conducting Te Deum, a piece written to celebrate the king's recovery from a rectal surgery. His foot was infected, however he refused to have it amputated so that he could dance...
  2. gladiatrice

    Funniest moments in history

    For some reason, people find history to be incredibly boring. For these poor souls, I feel very sorry. However, I really can't place the blame on them. A lot of history teachers are awful. They don't make history very engaging. They just give you dry old facts, which even I have to admit can get...
  3. YouLoveMeYouKnowIt

    Why is North Korea funny?

    One thing I never understand is why starvation, food shortages, unfortunate children and people under an oppressive regime with concentration campus causes delight, joy, and laughter for people around the world. Shouldn't the response to North Korea be anger and sorrow for other human beings...
  4. Dentatus

    Funny thing...

    "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum" ...loosely based on the comedies of Plautus.
  5. K

    Amusing history snippets

    Hey history buffs! I write a short 60 second daily history show called "Some Year Today". It's done in a mock newscast style focusing on historical events that happened on that day and should bring you a chuckle. Please check us out on our Facebook page at...
  6. Balian

    Its a bit funny how people make fun of the French military

    I mean considering that they have the best military record of any European country. In 800 years France has won 132 wars, lost 43 and drawn 10, making them the most successful nation in the history of Europe military wise. It seems to me that some people base all of French military history on...
  7. Futurist

    Which heads of state had extremely funny (full) titles?

    Which heads of state had extremely funny (full) titles? For instance, can any head of state beat Idi Amin's (full) title? : "His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor...
  8. EmperorTigerstar

    Funny and Weird Name Meanings in History

    Gobryas! The mighty Gobryas! The conquerer of Babylon during Cyrus' reign! Nobleman from the Achaemenid Empre who's name means......beef eater. What are some people in history that have weird meanings in their name?
  9. K

    Humorous or epic episodes of Chinese history

    I am doing an assignment where I can choose a topic about the Chinese conflict between the CCP and KMT during the 1910s to late 1920s. I am wondering if anyone knows any humorous or epic passages in this history. In other words, penis pandering.
  10. Sorcha

    Pretty funny.... A Medieval Primer (English) on How To Behave Yourself....

    I just ordered this and I'm laughing already and haven't even received it yet. I am doing some research on medieval English social customs. The prohibition on nose picking is especially hilarious. Apparently, someone forgot to inform the author that, "You may pick your friends, and you may...
  11. Jinit

    The Battle of Khardla - funny reason for the defeat in the battle

    Recently I came across the story of the Battle of Khardla, which I found rather amusing - mainly because of the funny reason which led to the defeat of the Nizam and so I thought to share it with you people. Background of the war During the 18th century Southern India witnessed one of the...
  12. A

    Funny question about an obscure factoid

    This is really obscure stuff: Apparently when WW1 started and the British/French navy imposed the blockade on Germany there were German ships out at sea which, after the blockade was imposed, could no longer return to Germany, and, apparently, in 1917 when some S American countries declared war...
  13. civfanatic

    Salafi vs. Secularist: Funny Video

    From Egyptian TV. The Salafi guy sounds like a real nutjob. How commonplace are these views among the general population of Egypt and other Arab countries? - Salafi and Secular Exchange Insults and Nearly Come to Blows on Egyptian
  14. President Camacho

    Funny moments in History

    Are there any moments in history that made you smile or laugh? One of my favorites: Livy, Rome and Italy, 293 B.C. While the general was occupied with these plans, an argument broke out amongst the chicken-keepers about the auspices for the day. This was overheard by some of the Roman...
  15. P

    Famous quotes

    There's a widespread practice amongst us to quote wise and/or witty quotes by other people. So what the heck, I guess it wouldn't hurt to have a topic about it. Well, here's a few to start off with. "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither...
  16. T

    For teachers: Funny things kids say about history

    I feel like I must share..... I asked my class to write down 5 American Presidents. One of them wrote Idi Amin. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. They were 15 years old! Any other belters out there?!
  17. Brisieis

    Your Nations Funny History

    When things such as this are part of your nations history, how can you not be amused?:D:laugh: Share yours please. :) The Chalk Giant of Cerne Abbas - England. Thought to be carved and maintained by pagans as a fertility symbol for almost 2000 years. Above the giant on the hillside is The...
  18. Thessalonian

    Funny mistakes in famous films!

    FUNNY MISTAKES in OUR FAVORITE MOVIES - YouTube The Troy fail - YouTube Movie Mistakes - The Dark Knight [2008] - YouTube
  19. crossroadclarence

    Funny Sayings of Short-sighted People

    “For G-d’s sake, go down to reception and get rid of a lunatic who’s down there. He says he’s got a machine for seeing by wireless! Watch him — he may have a razor on him.” – Editor of the London Daily Express, refusing to see John Logie Baird, inventor of television, 1925
  20. Clendor

    History. Because it's funny

    Make such of your own and post them here! Another example: