1. D

    Future of Spain

    Hello everybody.The first spanish republic (1873-1875) was liberal (as the constitution of 1812) the second republic (1931-1939) was socialist.A lot of specialists consider that the story of Spain is not finished.Is it possible to see the avenment of a technocratic liberal system,which will...
  2. VHS

    What is the future of humanity?

    Bertrand Russell's book (or long essay) of Has Man a Future is several decades old; it may be a good starting point while it is quite dated. I wrote previously on human traitors of humanity in the Three-Body Problem: the Past of Earth...
  3. Futurist

    What did French opponents of Algerian independence envision for Algeria's future?

    What did French opponents of Algerian independence envision for Algeria's future? Specifically, what was their future vision for Algeria's Muslims? Did they intend for the existing status quo in Algeria to remain indefinitely? Or did they--or at least some of them--envision eventually granting...
  4. F

    Kombination of history and future in Litterature.

    I admit I know Little to nothing about such litterature I think there must be something. Some authors Will Find the temptation to continue writings about the past and their Present. They could be the laypeople fascinated by history as well as the Students or professionals that divert themselves...
  5. SufiMystic

    What is the biggest threat humans face in the future?

    History shows us that nothing lasts forever. Many empires of history have come and gone. They fell for all sorts of reasons, from famine to natural disasters and enemy invasions. With that in mind, what do you think is the biggest threat humans face in the future? Is it nuclear weapons...
  6. Imperia

    The future superpower

    What is more likely Brazil becomes a superpowers or Hispanic America unify and after it becomes a superpower?
  7. notgivenaway

    Future Africa (in the next hundred years)

    I feel this may happen: Nigeria splits into a Yoruba/Igbo south and a Muslim north. This may be a settlement to contain Boko Haram, and the surrounding Christian countries may form a defensive alliance should northern Nigeria seek to invade. With the re-emergence of slavery in Libya and other...
  8. Naima

    Future europe like Israel?

    Do you think that all the mass migration from muslim world and Africa ... Europe will become similar to Israel/Palestine? With nation inside another and too differing cultures with opposing values on life, education, religion, ethics and politics forced to live together? Could such melting pot...
  9. sparky

    Panopticon , the future !

    . toward the end of the 18th century , Britain was gripen with an essential waste problem .....criminals , what to do with them the old system was simple .....stockade and whipping or hanging then there was a rise in the "in between" criminals ( mostly Irish ) not criminal enough to be...
  10. Jake10

    How much do you care about future generations?

    The poll is anonymous by the way.
  11. ez123

    Archiving internet for future historians

    Sometimes I have wondered if there is anybody archiving the state of the internet so that future historians can use it. I know that the US intelligence agencies search the internet, emails, etc. and probably archive, but they might never make that available to historians. For example, future...
  12. F

    Are our views of the future more "open" or "closed"?

    If further explanation is needed: How do You people here view the future? If an imagined scenario is mentioned will people here respond: Yes,that is possible, why not? Or will we tend to be more sceptical if any certain possible future history is mentioned. Since it is my intention there should...
  13. notgivenaway

    Will Merkel be viewed as highly as Adeneur or Kohl in the future?

    I know Kohl died lately, but Merkel looks like she may win the election. Will she be looked on favourably in the future? How does she rank alongside her predecessors as Chancellor?
  14. M

    Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Nathaniel Forest receive Visions of the Future!

    A few days before the start of the American Civil War, the three historical Confederate Generals see glimpses of the future -All three men see that the Confederacy will lose to the Union and suffer because of their rebellion -Nathaniel Bedford Forest sees his part in the creation of the KKK...
  15. F

    What do you see happening in the future?

    I know this is a very vague question and that's exactly how it's meant to be.
  16. JM1906

    Bitcoin: future or bubble?

    So, Bitcoin. This is a "new" and revolutionary word... Since the boom of the Bitcoin it's value pass from under 1USD to today over 4000USD. I've tried to learn the basic principles, and I saw it as revolutionary idea, that will change, or ay least will create difficulties, to the financial...
  17. JM1906

    Creation of a new branch in US armed forces - US Space Corps and the future of war

    Space Corps Military Branch Approved by House - House Passes National Defense Authorization Act With Space Corps So I didn't know the US had created this corp. How seriously is this program in the views of US high military ranks? Are there any more countries with similar strategy? Do you...
  18. F

    Russia/China/Europe near future

    Some speculations. Will Russia still remain on its own, or may it make a team with China, probably as "Junior partner", where China in many ways take the lead? Then both may sustain their authoritarian leadership and distinct ways for longer time. Europe: Was then the seemingly fit way of...
  19. F

    Future of Europe and North America

    Do you think Europe and North America will go back to traditionalism and embrace the traditional western values such as moral universalism and the family values of the past or will they go more towards postmodernism.
  20. SVenezia

    Future of History Instruction

    I am new to the forum forgive me if this topic has been discussed. I am on the downside of my teaching career and I can't help seeing History as a discipline being marginalized. Some schools have basically dropped History in favor of a humanities approach usually taught by an English teacher...