1. C

    Have they found the remains of the fortification from the siege of Alesia?

    Have Archaeologists found or attempted to find the remnants of the fortifications built by the Romans around Alesia during the siege in 52 BC ? If so can someone give me the links and the photographs showing this, or maybe a documentary? Even if the fortified walls surrounding Alesia were built...
  2. AlpinLuke

    Romans never conquered Gaul

    History is odd. An event can change all ... and for a lot of people. Let's imagine that Vercingetorix defeated Caesar, that he was able to organize a stable Celtic army and the defense of his domain forcing the Romans to stay South of the Alps. The Romans would have never reached Britain, the...
  3. JaddHaidar

    Crisis of the Third Century

    The Roman Empire, although the superpower of the ancient world and a mighty force which conquered enormous swathes of land from the Arabian peninsula to the Scottish lowlands, was periodically plagued with civil wars, crises, and instability which affected not only the government in Rome, but...
  4. T

    How would you have defended Gaul from Caesar? Could it even be done?

    I'm listening to Dan Carlin's "Celtic Holocaust" podcast and it got me thinking about what the Celts could have done to defeat Caesar and the Romans. Clearly, the Romans had the advantage in discipline and organization, but the Celts had size, home-field advantage, and most importantly: numbers...
  5. P

    Post Roman Gaul - Some resources

    The lively discussion on the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle has lapped over in a couple of posts to Merovingion Gaul, so here are a few titles that may be of use (or at least of interest) to the "early medievalists" among us :). 1) John Drinkwater & Hugh Elton, eds., Fifth Century Gaul: Crisis of...
  6. P

    Two new titles on post Roman Gaul

    OK, this is pretty obscure stuff, but there are members here who are interested in what happened after Rome in the West. Following are two new volumes which - if they don't shed more light on the "Dark Ages" - certainly can develop interest in that puzzling periodization. Both are military...
  7. JeanDukeofAlecon

    The out of place sword of the dying Gaul.

    When looking at a photo of the famous "dying gaul" sculpture I noticed that the sword laying beside the gaul looked straight out of the 1400's, not a little bit odd for a roman copy of a Hellenistic sculpture. I've looked into this quite a bit but I haven't found a single mention of it being a...
  8. F

    Ancient Adventures: a blog about Ancient Gaul

    Hello all, My name is Jesse, and I share your passion for Antiquity. My love for this period goes so far, that I am determined to become an author of historical fiction. Currently, I am travelling through Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany and the UK to visit all the sites which interest me...
  9. The Grim Marshal

    Logistics of Caesar In Gaul (Looking for Info)

    Hello everyone! I have just completed reading Caesar's account of his conquest in Gaul and I have to say that I enjoyed it. Reading this has peaked my interest of knowing more pertaining to the logistics of his military campaigns there. I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to the...
  10. C

    The Cubi Biturge confederation.

    Written by a member of the Europa Barbarorum 2 research team; Psycho V To share what a member of their historical team wrote, some rare information to find. During the 7th and 6th century BC the Celtic tribe of the Aedui (derived from the god Aedos, ‘the fiery one’) settled in the middle of...
  11. T

    Books regarding the cossacks/people of gaul

    Hi, As the title states I'm looking for the most informative/historically accurate books regarding the history of the Cossacks, and the war/cultural history of the peoples of Gaul. Preferably thick, small text, informative and availible from a site like the Book Depository. I'm wanting to...
  12. F

    Ariovistus; King of Gaul?

    The Celts/Gauls were an innovative and warlike people who among many things are credited with inventing the four horned saddle and mail armor. Being well known for their fighting skills especially cavalry the Celts/Gauls defeated and dominated many opponents, including Dacians, Etruscans...
  13. Polynikes

    Caesar's legions in Gaul

    Hey guys, sorry to bother you, I'm hardly an expert on Caesar. I'm currently reading Philip Freeman's 'Julius Caesar' and something had caught my eye. He states that Roman-ized Gauls comprised the majority of his legions, is there any truth to that? And just a few more questions, did these...
  14. D

    Gaul, Gals and cockerels

    Hi all I am trying to identify when does the name gaul appear for the first time, and when does the cockerel appear as a symbol of Gaul for the first time? Thanks in advance for your help
  15. AlpinLuke

    Were was Gaul Lutetia? [Paris]

    Recent researches are suggesting some doubts about the position of the Gaul oppidum which became Lutetia [also Lutetia Parisiorum] and then the city we know as Paris. Traditionally that settlement has been put on the Ile De La Cité [Isle of the City, the central isles where there is the...
  16. jrbartlett

    When did the term France/Francia totally replace the term Gaul?

    My title says it all. The replacing of the term Gaul with France or Francia would I believe imply the Romano-Gauls didn't consider themselves Romans anymore and considered themselves Franks. I think the finale replacement of the term Gaul nd the new identity of a France occurred during the...
  17. Salah

    Aurelian, Tetricus, and the Battle for Gaul

    The origins of Gaius Esuvius Tetricus are unknown. His nomen was highly suggestive of provincial Gaulish ancestry; the Historia Augusta accords him senatorial status. In 271 he became the fourth of the 'Gallic Emperors', ruling a Roman breakaway state. Like its Palmyrene contemporary, the...
  18. jrbartlett

    Why Justinian never made attempt at reconquering Frankish Gaul

    Just curious as to why the Emperor Justinian never made a attempt to reconquer Gaul for the Empire, when he brought Italy, North Africa, Southern Spain, Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica back into the empire. Gaul was just as a important part of the empire as was North Africa and the Franks were...
  19. Cavanboy

    What do you think would have happend if Rome never conquered Gaul?

    Questions in the title :)
  20. BrowniesRule

    Was Gaul so primitive as Caesar said it was?

    I read in some cultural magazine that French archeology was unearthing more and more items (houses, amphorae, tools, etc.) related to Gauls, and that more attention was now put into extracting a more balanced meaning of what was Gaul before Rome came around. The author of the article says that...