1. R

    Soviet GDP vs US GDP in 1939

    What was the Soviet 1939 physical output (GDP) valued directly in US 1939 dollars as a precent of US GDP per capita. The same for Soviet industrial output.
  2. VHS

    Implications that the GDP of Russia is equivalent of that of Guangdong, China

    Some may site this as the sign of the failing economy of Russia; why a former power has just the economic productivity of a Chinese province? On the other hand, Guangdong has fairly severe regional disparity as well. How has the Russian economy really performed after 1991? Is it really all...
  3. JeanDukeofAlecon

    GDP per capita (if that term is applicable) of early-high medieval states?

    You sometimes hear about how certain states/realms were prosperous or not in the medieval period, but do we have any idea what the average income/gdp per capita was for different early/high medieval states? If possible I was looking to see if a direct comparison of early medieval economies...
  4. VHS

    Should we replace GDP?

    With all its defects, GDP remains the dominant measurement in political economy. Should it be replaced with something more precise?
  5. 7

    what is The lost decade in japan?why japan GDP per capita is so high?

    what is The lost decade in japan?why japan GDP per capita is so high?
  6. Ancientgeezer

    The Myth of India's "stolen" GDP and wealth

    A regular excuse for the failures of the Indian sub-continent and its inhabitants by their apologists and the professional victims is that their wealth was "stolen" by British colonialism. While the British ruled India from 1857 after the Sepoy mutiny was crushed until 1947, the sub-continent...
  7. Thessalonian

    UK GDP figures show slower growth of 0.2%

    BBC News - UK GDP figures show slower growth of 0.2% "The economy has effectively flat-lined for nine months and this is very bad news for jobs, living standards, business investment and for getting the deficit down."