1. V

    Research - documentaries about the Cold War

    Hello! I am a history student at the University of Milan and I am currently working on a research about the representation of the Cold War in the media, with the focus on documentary films and series. I kindly ask you to help me by filling in the survey below. It will not take more than 5...
  2. M

    The reasons behind establishment of GDR

    What is the real reasons behind establishment of The GDR in soviet occupation zone in Germany 1949 ? *if there are sources attached with answers ( books, documents, ......, etc ) it will help me a lot.
  3. Maribat

    Life in the GDR

    A question to those Germans who lived and remember those times. Who have ralatives who remember. 1. Was there such a fenomenom that was called in Russian "deficit". That is a shortage of something which resulted in long shop lines. 2. What would you choose - a nowadays life in Germany or...