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    Modern little known musical gems

    uhZS6loBMFE I'm looking for musical gems that aren't top 40 and never were. They can be of any genre. This early Amy Winehouse song was never released but made it to you tube. It's a blend of light jazz and hip-hop which works IMO. They can also come from movie soundtracks such as this...
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    Some gems of Rajput architecture

    In this thread, I will be posting images of some really stunning pieces of Rajput architecture who ruled Rajasthan , Gujrat and Malwa region for almost one thousand years. The examples would cover timeperiod from 8th century till our own times.
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    Hidden historical gems in your area

    Are there lesser known but historically significant sites in your area of the country that you would recommend visiting? About 18 miles north of Boston in Marblehead MA is the Lee Mansion. it was built around 1760 for a Jeremiah Lee a wealthy merchant. It is proboably the best example of...