1. W

    What are you interested in?

    Great to be on your discussion board! I enjoy American History and will find much of this content engaging. I am also embarking on a potential business idea around content related to 1800's era American military records. For those fellow discussion forum members that do research in this space...
  2. B

    Genealogy of kings given in Puranas refutes Aryan invasion theory

    "Puranas" in Sanskrit means "history", and the Puranas give the history of ancient India. The Puranas accurately describe the genealogy of kings after Chandragupta Maurya's time, since it is corroborated with other sources. The Puranas also give a genealogy of kings and their dynasties before...
  3. N

    Genealogy of Prithviraj Chauhan?

    Hello, Could someone share the family tree of Prithviraj Chauhan? Thanks!
  4. N

    Dear White People, I found your genealogy

    Hey guys, I am just desperate to read the history books and learn different genealogies. I found this wonderful genealogy table. I hope it is true. Feel free to share and comment, and let me know if it looks legit. Thank you!
  5. norenxaq

    qara khitai genealogy

    following is what I have: kuchlug naiman m. daughter of qara khitai khan zhilugu lingum khatun m jakamba nachia saljidai oljei m mengu timur toktu timur m maria paliaologos is anyone aware of any children of kuchlug, let alone a marriage of a daughter? where are other problems of this...
  6. M

    Imperial genealogy

    Here is a link to a thread about imperial genealogy I started on the General History forum:
  7. M

    Imperial genealogy

    Here is a link to a thread in the general history forum:
  8. M

    A Challege about imperial genealogy.

    in the European history forum I have a thread about heirs of the "Byzantine" empire: I posted a series of lineages showing the descent of possible heirs of various claims to be heirs of the Palaiologos Dynasty, the last...
  9. S

    Ancient Asian Genealogy

    Hi All, This thread is started to gather information of ancient Asian Genealogy... Those who have some information on ancient Asian geanlogy, please help to contribute, Thanks
  10. S

    New and have some questions?

    Hi all, I am a history fanatic, but that's actually not why I'm here. My mother and I are doing a great deal of genealogy research and I'm having a hard time finding good resources on certain things (the types of questions that are best asked peer-to-peer, such as "does anyone have a...
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    New Member

    Good evening, Name's Timben. There really isn't much to talk about, except that I am married and have children. I enjoy the internet to browse, genealogy, listening to cinematic music, taking nature pictures, watching movies, and writing stories. My favorite movie genres include...
  12. H

    HRE Genealogy

    Doing some research on the genealogical connections of the Holy Roman Emperors. I have run into a snag and was wondering if someone out there may could helpe me out. I have read where Emperor Hnery VII was a 13th generation descendant of Emperor Louis III and that Emperor Fredrick III was a...
  13. Zeno

    1st century genealogy ~ Celtus, son of Bretannos

    According to the www there is a first century genealogy in which Celtos is the son of Bretannos, by Herakles. Can anyone find the source for this?
  14. M

    talk about chinese Surname Genealogy

    my family 700 years ago , From Shanxi (山西) big tree migration to Shandong (山东) in Ming(明) dynasty . Therefore my family this Branch in shandong (山东) only have 700 years history. another reason is that i live far away hometown. so I only give...
  15. Palatinus

    The Genealogy of "Paladin" Concept in Roman Elite

    Greetings: I am Sicilian-American, and surname is "Palazzolo." Anyway, I have always since childhood been attracted to subjects like knighthood, chivalry, crusading orders, idealistic spiritual warfare, military castes (e.g. the Aryo-Vedic Kshatriya, originally of higher rank than the priests)...
  16. EsotericForest

    Pierre de Rohan Gie Genealogy

    I'm doing some research on Pierre de Rohan Gie of France, and in spite of finding a decent amount of information on him, and the house of Rohan, I'm having trouble locating an informative as well as accurate genealogy for him. Ideally I would like to find one for him that shows some of his...
  17. Pedro


    I've managed to google up some census reports but don't find much else that doesn't want a bunch of bucks. I am trying to find information on my Swedish great-grandfather who I assume arrived in a Boston port in 1882. I have ruled out Castel Garden as a port of entry. Do you know of any sites...
  18. George Papasimakis


    1.Macedon son of Zeus and Thias daughter of Deukalion was the founder of Macedonia(Stef.Byzantios about "Macedonia") 2. Karanos (8 century b.c). Founder of the first Macedonian state acording to Theopombos and Diodoros. His capital was Aiges. He was descendent from Timenos great grandson of...