1. EmperorTigerstar

    Was Braxton Bragg the Worst CSA General?

    Often Braxton Bragg was ridiculed by both his contemporaries and our modern historians as a horrible general with many faults and foolish tendencies. But is he the worst general the Confederacy had? Is there one worse? Is he actually a good general who got a bad rap?
  2. Polynikes

    Alcibiades: how good of a general and war chieftain was he really?

    How would you rate him among the great generals of antiquity?
  3. Constantine V

    Favourite Byzantine General?

    Byzantium thanks to its numerouse wars spawned many generals, but which one is your favourite? Mine is probably Nikephoros Phokas, the white death of the saracens.
  4. Constantine V

    Greatest greek generals?

    Including byzantine to make it interesting.
  5. Constantine V

    Greatest roman general

    Throghout the existance of rome, till 476. My top favourites are probably Vespasian and Titus, father and son, as well as Aurelian for reqonquest of the empire.
  6. Constantine V

    Greatest general of the Hellenic age

    I will only count the greek part of the era. So mostly the diodochi states. The time didnt produce many great generals so i just put these 10. Perdicass was cut down and didnt do much. Antipater was the same.
  7. T

    Did Alexanders Generals Love Him Towards The End?

    SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE ALEXANDER (2004) I have spent the last 4 hours watching the 2004 movie Alexander. Towards the end, Ptolemy 1 (the narrator throughout the movie and one of Alexanders generals) suggested that it was them who poisoned the King so they no longer had to deal with conquest...
  8. Polynikes

    Who was the greatest Viking General/Warrior and why?

    Broadly speaking, who would you say was the greatest Viking Warrior/Commander of the period and why? For me, its a two way tie between Ivarr the Boneless and Haraldr Hardrada, what do you guys think, and what can be gained from the Viking's respective campaigns?
  9. The History Junkie

    General George McClellan: A Great Mystery

    I'm preparing an article about George McClellan and his service throughout the Civil War. Like Grant said, "McClellan is to me one of the mysteries of the war." I cannot seem to wrap my mind around him. He seems to be full of contradictions. Here are a few: - Was passionate in his belief...
  10. D

    general Von Dohna Von Schlobitten

    Hello.I am searching jnformations about the career of the german general Von Dohna von Schlobitten who had participated at the Von Stauffenberg putsch against Hitler and who had been executed by the SS.Thank you.
  11. D

    general Heinrich Von Dohna Von Schlobitten

    Hello everybody.I am looking for informations about the biography of the general Heinrich Von Dohna,descendant of french huguenots,member of the complot against Hitler and executed by the nazis in 1944.
  12. Naima

    Greatest Asian General ?

    For Asian I mean anyone from Mongolia to Thailand , No India , Middle east or Central Asia. Wich one is the best general of all times? And wich ones are the top three?
  13. grey fox

    Who was the best Nazi General?

    A Civil War buff friend of mine recently asked me who the greatest Nazi General was, and I did not know how to answer. This got me pondering the question myself. I searched for a "Who was the greatest Nazi General?" thread here at historum, and I was surprised that I could not find one. It's...
  14. Polynikes

    Was El Cid that great of a general and warrior?

    He's pretty much a legend in broadly speaking Spanish military history circles but was he that great? What was his greatest moment/campaign? Did he lead his men into battle in a heroic tradition, what made him so feared? All questions I'd be interested in hearing.
  15. Naima

    important for a successfull war?

    What is more important for a successfull war?
  16. SirOrmondeWinter

    100 years ago today General Allenby gave Britain one hell of an early X-mas present

    Jerusalem, the faithful city, achieving what so many before him had failed to do for centuries (of course unlike his predecessors he had tanks which obviously helped). Unlike the Kaiser who'd had the ancient walls altered so he could ride through the city Allenby dismounted and walked through...
  17. The Scholar

    The Best General from the Three Kingdoms of China

    Who do you think was the best general of the Three Kingdoms period of China (Not including Jin). The categories are skill, strategy, combat, military tactics, etc. (you can add your own category). In my opinion, Military Tactics: Zhang Liao (Wei) - Zhang Liao was a brave and skilled general...
  18. Pessimist Crow

    General inquiry about East Asian Fotresses (castles?)

    Why are Korean fotresses built so low in comparison to other East Asian structures? (Or forts in general) Did Chinese and Koreans have castles at all or is it specific to the Japanese?
  19. S

    Origin Of The 11 General Orders

    Hello everyone - Former Sgt. of Marines looking for someone who knows the source of the 11 General Orders we all had to memorize in the service. The closest I can get to a primary source is the 1902 Blue Jacket Navy manual, but wanted to know if its origins stretched any further back. If you...
  20. D

    The death of the general Patton (1945)

    Hello.After the death of the famous general Patton in a car accident in Germany in 1945,what were the conclusions of the military investigation ? Thank you.