1. M

    Should and can Top Commanders micromanage armies and division effectively?

    Title I wonder if it is effective for top commanders and generals to micromanage field armies or even divisions. Hitler for example had a lot of say during Stalingrad serving as a commander practically. Operation Market Garden is an example is where micromanaging may have helped since...
  2. jameen

    Common traits of greatest generals and strategists

    What are the common traits of world's greatest generals and strategists since ancient times up to today?
  3. R

    Could the Byzantines have held onto the Levant and North Africa with better generals

    Could the Byzantines have held onto the Near East and North Africa if they had better quality of leadership, or if someone like Caesar, Scipio, or Alexander was in charge of the Byzantine army in the Levant? Could Alexander or Caesar at the very least force a stalemate or a very costly victory...
  4. Constantine V

    Greatest greek generals?

    Including byzantine to make it interesting.
  5. frogsofwar

    Least Favorite Generals

    The flip side of my "Favorite Generals" thread, I don't allege that these men were the "worst" generals in history (certainly not in the case of Napoleon). But I do not look favorably upon these generals. In many ways, the general is not to blame: I find dogmatic fanboys annoying. 1...
  6. frogsofwar

    Favorite Generals

    It wouldn't be a military history forum without a discussion about who the best generals or admirals in history are. Napoleon, Hannibal, Genghis Khan and Julius Caesar top most lists. However, the title of "Best general in history" is highly subjective: in addition to the bias of the...
  7. C

    Assessing Generals by the difficulty they faced

    I think the way we compare great generals is pretty much meaningless because we can't quantify how hard a task a general faced in relation to other generals. For example, if we look at achievements alone, Alexander has only a handful of equals. However, He was born into a crown of the nation...
  8. TheMusicMan

    Did Alexanders Generals Love Him Towards The End?

    SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE ALEXANDER (2004) I have spent the last 4 hours watching the 2004 movie Alexander. Towards the end, Ptolemy 1 (the narrator throughout the movie and one of Alexanders generals) suggested that it was them who poisoned the King so they no longer had to deal with conquest...
  9. R

    What explained the admiration of top Allied generals for their German counterparts?

    What explained the very benign attitude of a lot of high ranking Western allied generals and officers for their German counterparts after the end of the war like von Manstein, Kesselring, and Guderian? Even to the extent of coming to their defence in the war crimes trials after the war? Could...
  10. S

    Top 700 Military Commanders of All Time

    This has been a project that I've been working on for a few years. At first I simply wanted to rank the top 200 commanders in history. Then, as I read more and more, I saw that my scope was terribly narrow and that I missed out quite a few names which could rank among the greats. As I kept...
  11. S

    Greatest generals of the Three Kingdoms Period

    The Three Kingdoms Period is one of the most interesting sagas of Chinese history. Upon the dissolution of the Han Dynasty in the early third century AD, China found itself thrust into a bloody conflict between three warring states that claimed rule over the old empire - the Wei state in the...
  12. D

    The Soviet Generals of 1937 - how good were they?

    A common "what if" of WW2 history is "what if the Red Army leadership hadn't been purged in 1937?" The Red Army leadership in January 1937 (before the purge, and excluding war commissar Voroshilov) was as follows: Yan Gamarnik - Head of MPA Mikhail Tukhachevsky - First Deputy Commissar of...
  13. FailWhale

    How do you rate these four great generals

    Sulla Attila Pyrrhus Belisarius Based on their military capabilities
  14. FailWhale

    Napoelon's Marshals vs Third Reich's Generals vs US Generals in Vietnam/Korea

    Which group of generals do you rank more highly by their capabilities?
  15. Publius

    God's Generals

    Has anyone read this book by Richard Gabriel...
  16. FailWhale

    Greatest Sequence of 5 Generals

    Name 5 great generals whose lifespan overlap, with the preceding one at least a generation older. Something along the lines of Prince Eugene - Frederick the Great - Surorov - Napoleon - Lee
  17. Visigoth Panzer

    If Hitler Listened to his Generals

    What if Hitler listened to his generals starting with late Stalingrad, if he pulled the army out and didn't waste troops on "fortress cities" and pointless counterattacks/offensives (Kursk, Budapest, Ardennes) how long would Germany have lasted? By that point victory was lost, so was their any...
  18. O

    These four great generals

    What did Hannibal, Napoleon, Lee, and Rommel have in common and why?
  19. EmperorTigerstar

    American Civil War Generals and their Jurisdiction

    So I'm trying to make a general list on Civil War generals' jusridictions, especially for the Confederacy. Example: Some generals weren't given command over a specific area, just a general within an army. But Robert E. Lee was in charge of the Army of Northern Virginia specifically. What are...
  20. throughthepastdarkly

    Were the Southern generals traitors?

    Just read this post by Walter Williams about whether Southern generals were traitors and wanted to see what the online brain trust has to say about it.