1. Gasparov

    Richard A. Gabriel-The Madness of Alexander the Great and the Myth of Military Genius

    Ok. So i started this book by Richard Gabriel( i didnt finished it yet) about Alexander, and i want to know if someone else has read it. He say that his ranking as one of the greatest generals in history is quite undeserved and that Alexander we know is more like a literacy creation. He argues...
  2. maTiasddsm

    NatGeo series GENIUS, about Albert Einstein.

    Has anyone seen “Genius” ten chapters series on Nat Geo from april to june this year? I really enjoyed it. I expected it would have time to develop some of Einstein’s theories, not just mention them. But I want to ask you: 1- what’s your opinion on the way Einsten’s life and personality are...
  3. RidiculousName

    Oda Nobunaga: A Genius?

    Please tell me why or why not Oda Nobunaga was a genius. He's often demonized even by Japanese media, but nobody can deny he nearly unified Japan, and likely would have if not for Mitsuhide's betrayal. Tell me what you think.
  4. MughalMuse

    Roman Strength and Conditioning: Modern insight on Ancient Genius

    Just to look further into the Roman Army's strategy of infantry training, I thought to research how modern strength and conditioning concepts could give incite on the resilience and flexibility of the Roman soldier. If that interests you then have a read below. Build a Physical Foundation...
  5. antiquarian

    Political Genius

    How in your opinion do you define a political genius and if you could give examples both from history or today, I'd like to hear your opinions. Thanks.
  6. antiquarian

    Bismarck's Genius

    Can you give me examples of how he was considered a political genius? Thanks.
  7. R

    Napoleon's Military Genius

    what exactly makes him a genius, sorry im a newbie when it comes to im looking for answers to a few questions 1. What were some of his advancements, skills, talents when it came to military genius 2. are we sure his genius was HIS and not his generals that he might of took credit for...
  8. L

    Was Hitler a militay genius?

    I always gave military credit to his generals and the quality of German soldiers but some people believe that they were Hitlers plans.
  9. L

    Hitler: Political genius or opportunistic average guy who got lucky?

    What do you guys think? We all know that Hitler was a military idiot, but was Hitler great at politics? Or was he just an average guy who got lucky and had incredibly competent subordinates to cover up his failures?
  10. J

    Napoleon's Genius

    What do you think was Napoleon's "secret" to success on the battlefield? Was it his grand tactics? Administrative improvements? Merely the size of his armies? On the same note, do you think Napoleon was merely an implementer of other military men's ideas or were his ways of war really new and...
  11. P

    the genius as possessed

    In one of Plato's dialogue Socrates states that a divine sign came to him calling it a daimon. Zeus daughters. the muses, were seen as entering a person. Some geniuses are described as being possessed as Picasso. Max Weber defined a genius as a quality of a person or soul that create the...
  12. RomesFinest

    What is the meaning behind the term "Military Genius"

    "Military Genius" is a term that I see often get attributed to many different generals(Hannibal, Napoleon, Marlborough, Alexander, Subotai, Caesar etc.) But one thing I always wanted to know is what is the criteria for being a genius. For example what would separate a good/great commander from a...
  13. Von Ranke

    Oscar Wilde; literary genius or a worthless degenerate!

    This thread is inspired By Gile na Gile's blog on Oscar which I thoroughly recommend you all give the once over. The basic question he raises is should the artist be judged on his work or his personal morality. To put this in context how many so called masterpieces in art do we drool over...
  14. M

    Julius Caesar-Military genius? His tactics and strategies.

    Would Caesar really be considered a military genius? He seems to have good knowledge of military as well as politics, but would you consider a good tactician and strategist at the same levels of Hannibal, Alexander and Napoleon? Caesar invasion of Gaul was no conventional war with fronts. He...
  15. christos200

    How would you rate Cao Cao?

    Cao Cao was a Chinese commander during the time of the Three Kingdoms. He managed to unify most of Northen China. Cao Cao had led Han troops against the Yellow Turban Rebellion in Yingchuan, with great success. He then tried to secure his power: Cao Cao also made reforms to create a more...
  16. Pancho35

    Francis Parkman - Genius?

    This is more of a recommendation than anything. I just started reading Francis Parkman's histories of New France and I have to say the man was a genius. The writing style is pleasurable to read. He writes better than most prolific writers of fiction that I've encountered. Previously, I delayed...
  17. Tuthmosis III

    Liddell Hart: genius or captain obvious or...?

    (Forgive me if this belongs in the book discussion section but I thought I'd have better luck among the military buffs... :)) I'm thinking specifically of Strategy (1954), an engagingly written paean to the virtues of the "indirect approach" that I remember fondly as my introduction to many of...
  18. emperor of seleucid

    Was Mithridates VI of Pontus a genius?

    *He was said to have known over 20 different languages. *Immune to poison *Conquered much of Anatolia and defeated the Scythian's *Engaged Rome in 3 wars over 25 years. He was 71 when he died. *His success forced Rome to gather one of the largest army. *Even in facing impossible odds, he...
  19. Menshevik

    Agincourt, English genius or French hubris

    I guess it's all their in the title. I started this in response to another thread regarding the efficacy of the Welsh/English longbow. I'm not doubting the awesome potential of this weapon, I'm just thinking right now that some of those English victories; Agincourt, Crecy, Poitiers etc. were due...
  20. R

    Opinions and Ideas Regarding the Subject of "Genius"

    I participate in a one-a-month discussion group, and our next scheduled leader has had to beg off due to travel. I've been meaning to read this book: Genius 101 (Psych 101): Dean Keith Simonton PhD: 9780826106278: