1. Darth Raidius

    What if the Axis were "the good guys"?

    How much of an impact would it have if the Axis powers were "the good guys" in World War II (as in, objectively superior to the Allies from a moral standpoint) and did not commit any of the heinous acts we remember them for today? Would this change the outcome of any campaigns, or even the war...
  2. Underground

    Mass murder of Ukrainian underage girls in Russian labor camps

    Kremlin used political prisoners, enemies of the people, and their family members as slave laborers in the GULAG. Russian government needed gold. Cattle trains with non-Russian civilians were sent to the gold mines in northern Russia . There, young prisoner girls were raped by the guards...
  3. NBSHistory

    Dictator Augusto Pinochet: Chile’s "Genocide" (Politicide)

    Augusto Pinochet, the Dictator of Chile who took power in the 1973 Coup overthrowing Salvador Allende. Responsible for the “death flights”, disappeared people, secret death camps, operation condor and a brutal regime. He got rid of communism at the cost of victimizing many during his "Genocide...
  4. ThePharaoh

    German influence on Armenian Genocide?

    Hi, the following is from Faiz El-Ghusein's Martyred Armenia. Faiz El-Ghusein was a lawyer and official of the Ottoman Empire, who was exiled to Mosul and Diyarbekir due to the his sentiment for Arab Revolution. He is an eyewitness to the event, and during his exile, he was being transfered...
  5. J

    The first ever mention of Holocaust as GENOCIDE in a newspaper article was in 1895

    The first ever mention of Holocaust as genocide in newspaper (The New York Times) article was in 1895, and it depicted the Armenian situation. Read about it here...
  6. dreuxeng

    The Myth of the Highland Clearances as a Genocide!

    '’s important to make the point that these attitudes were held just as strongly, maybe more strongly, by Lowland Scots as by English people. Whatever else they were, the Clearances were not some sort of English-inspired attack on Scotland. After all, many, indeed most, clearing...
  7. B

    California Genocide

    This a quote from California's first elected Governor. The native American population was reduced to about 1/5 of its previous level in the first 30 years after its cession from Mexico. Part of this was due to various massacres and bounties on Indian scalps, regardless of age, gender, or tribe...
  8. M


    Has there ever been a successful genocide, one where 100% of a tribe of people were wiped out?
  9. J

    Colonization and Genocide

    I've just submitted a paper, English Genocide in Nova Scotia, to a genocide studies journal which I've been working on for the past year. If it's accepted I will be satisfied, otherwise I think it needs to be a book and I'll go back to work.:eek: It needs to be published. Love to hear from...
  10. B

    During the Armenian Genocide how where the Armenians identified?

    During the Armenian Genocide how where the Armenians identified, how could you tell t
  11. Darth Raidius

    Did anyone actually care about war crimes in the past?

    Throughout history (before the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907), were there any serious consequences for committing "war crimes"? Would countries not involved in a conflict care at all how brutal you were to your enemies before the Age of Enlightenment? For example, after the Battle of Narva...
  12. V

    Yayoi Japanese genocide the Jomon Emishi

    Today there is not one single Emishi left. They've been long extinct by the Japanese ( Yamato ) invaders who had 30 years war with Ainu. The Japanese are essentially Chinese/Korean ( with slight Jomon influence) while Emishi were pure Jomon and predominant Jomon , both of them are complete two...
  13. Valens

    Guatemalan genocide

    One of the lesser known genocides in Central America. It emerged in two episodes, in the 60's then in the 80's, with a rightist, US backed government massacred around 170,000 to 200,000 people belonging to indigenous Maya peoples.
  14. YouLoveMeYouKnowIt

    Tibetan Genocide

    It seems to be a well-known "fact," as many are convinced, that China is attempting to eradicate Tibetan culture. There is even allegations that China is attempting to kill off the Tibetan people. Is this true? Does the Chinese government have or had plans to carry such a genocide out? Has such...
  15. V

    Genocide of Negrito in India's Adaman island ( By British and Japanese ), Why ?

    Why did they genocide them? I mean their numbers were puny. Is not like they were a threat to anyone. Source "List of notified Scheduled Tribes" (PDF). Census India. p. 27. Retrieved 15 December 2013. " In the 18th century there was 7000 of them but today remains only 400-450. " The five...
  16. V

    Did Japanese genocide Ainu ? 80,000 Ainu dropped to 15,000 in a century

    "In the 18th century there were 80,000 Ainu.[12] In 1868 there were about 15,000 Ainu in Hokkaido, 2000 in Sakhalin, and around 100 in the Kuril islands.[13] " From 80,000 in 1700's to only 15,000 left Hokkaido in the 1800's. Like almost 70% of their population died out in a century. This...
  17. F

    Why is the holocaust seen as the biggest and worst genocide?

    Hi guys As a german we are hearing from the crimes against the Jews at the start of the 4th grade. This goes up till you start going to university 12/13years of school till that happens. If you are german you also notice that almost every political debate something political incorrect is going...
  18. RomanEmperor

    Turkish denial of genocide

    I don't like that this issue often gets brushed to the Wayside. It's basically as if Germany denied ever committing the Holocaust. The Turks murdered millions of Greeks Armenians Assyrians and other Christians, yet they deny what they did was genocide when basically the entire world knows that...
  19. sonofstars

    Armenian Genocide recognized by German Parliament

    This is huge (or "yuuge" as the current political flavor of the day would seem to suggest). The Bundestag voted to recognize the Armenian genocide of the early 20th century. Already, the political repercussions are beginning to play out. Clearly a black eye for Turkish diplomacy and may even...
  20. Karl XII

    A "smarter" way to genocide

    Throughout history we have associated genocide with the forced executions of countless people who were usually minorities. Often times this has been messy and has provoked overwhelmingly negative reactions. It's quick and it gets the job done but it often results in diplomatic pressures and...