1. ThePrioryPodcast

    A Very Gallant Gentleman - Lawrence Oates

    Evening all, If you're into the history of Polar Exploration, more specifically the fateful 2nd Scott expedition then I thoroughly recommend a book written by Michael Smith called "I am just going outside - Captain Oates, an Antarctic Tragedy". I have written an article about it or around it...
  2. T

    The Mughal Gentleman's Bookshelf: Education and Literary Classics of India?

    Greetings everyone! First time here on Historium, not sure if its the place for me yet since at least from the little bit i've seen, everyone sure seems focused on "big history" topics - whereas i'm a little more interested in i guess you can say "boutique" affairs with much smaller focus. So...
  3. K

    Qianlong Emperor as French gentleman

    I found on the net a painting of Qianglong Emperor as a French gentleman with wig, western clothing... but it did not list who painted it. http:// Can you help?
  4. Vintersorg

    Black Bart, The Gentleman Outlaw & Poet

    Black Bart, The Gentleman Outlaw & Poet While a known outlaw during his life, the name of Charles “Black Bart” Bowles won’t ring a bell for most people. And yet his style, sophistication and non-violence (it is said he never fired a gun during his robberies) make him one of the most...
  5. Earl_of_Rochester

    Gentleman's Clubs in history

    Hello tarts, My friends and I have taken to the idea of going for meals lately, perhaps I'm getting old? We're no longer attracted to the prospect of getting drunk and going clubbing, but instead we dine in restaurants and hold refined and intelligent conversation about tits and bums. I...