1. F

    Lattitude and geographical expansion.

    What could the relation if any be between the expansion of peoples, empires and lattitude? Some northern peoples, from what I know about as the "eskimo-aleut" groups are spread over vast northern territories, from eastern parts of Siberia over Northern North America to Greenland. An Empire like...
  2. kathiyawadi

    West India, Separate Geographical and cultural entity ?

    so, i just noticed one thing, that North/West and West Indian Region have separate Geographical and Cultural Identity as well. This is a map of Climate South Asia. we can clearly sew that Western India have Arid or Semiarid Climate. it looks like extension of Great Deserts of Middle...
  3. Bullit

    Geographical determinism and history

    To what degree does the physical environment play in history? I happen to feel this is the most important factor that is mostly overlooked. I would include the relative location as part of geographic determinism.
  4. P

    How much of the United States success is due to its geographical location?

    The United States is a huge country with access to both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans which makes it impossible to blockade or invade. There is only Canada and Mexico to the north and south as neighbouring countries. Similar sized countries such as Russia/China are surrounded by potential...
  5. F

    List of largest geographical areas named after cities

    The following list is certainly incomplete, please expand. Roman Empire, named after Rome (approx. 5 million km²) including Byzantine Empire, named after Byzantium Muscovy, named after Moscow (approx. 3 million km²) Kievan Rus', named after Kiev (approx. 1 million km²) Thebaid, from Thebais...
  6. civfanatic

    Indian Nationalist Misuse of Geographical Terms in Rajashekhara's Kavyamimamsa

    It has been claimed by Indian nationalists, including on this very forum, that the poem Kavyamimamsa, written around 900 AD by the dramatist and literary critic Rajashekhara, contains a concrete demonstration of some "pan-Indian national identity." In particular, the description of geography...
  7. EmperorTigerstar

    Who Had More Geographical Knowledge at 1 BC?

    The year is 1 BC. The Romans, Persians, Indians, and Chinese have access to each other via trade routes and are aware of each other. However, some nations had better geographical awareness than the other. India obviously knew lands in the Indian Ocean area more than the Romans and the Romans...
  8. E

    The geographical location of the first Celtic speaking people - the ProtoCelts

    I decided to start this new topic on the initiative of some other members and because there are many different and interesting opinions in the forum.
  9. civfanatic

    Why were Indians so poor in geographical knowledge compared to other civilizations?

    Ancient and early medieval Indian literature is vast and contains many works on numerous topics. However, the absence of works on certain topics is quite conspicuous. Many students of history bemoan the lack of proper Indian historical works, comparable to the Annals of Tacitus or the New...
  10. P

    Your chance to track a Royal Geographical Society explorer in real-time.

    A few months ago I told you about how I was able to track the progress of the famous Royal Geographical Society explorer Mikael Strandberg on his 2012 Yemen expedition real-time in a Google Map. Only to be interrupted for several months by the fighting going on there. Well, I am glad to say that...
  11. Jhangora

    Geographical Divisions of Asia

    Asia is the largest continent on the planet : both in terms of population and land area. It has been home to marvelous civilizations and great empires. I like geography a lot and tend to divide Asia in these 5 areas : * WEST ASIA - Isreal, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Yemen...