1. S

    George Brown Master Gunner

    I came across this memorial in a church in Brixham Devon, but have been unable discover anything about this man. From the inscription he looks to be fairly important. photo in my album Scete
  2. S

    Tolkein and George R R Martin Fantasy World

    I have always been fascinated by the works of Tolkein(Silmarilion, Lord of the rings etc) and George R R Martin (A song of Ice and Fire). I have always speculated about the History and Culture, Warfare, Architecture and Civilization of the various people mentioned. Most are speculation as the...
  3. A

    George Kennan changed his mind on Containment - why?

    Kennan's wiki entry says I'm wondering why he reversed himself.
  4. Y

    Was George Washington’s life a black swan for the British Empire?

    Beginning with the Battle of Jumonville Glen, and the loss at Fort Necessity which triggered a costly world war that eventually led to the British loss of the colonies. A loss that George Washington played a huge roll in. Was Washington the trigger point to a change in the world order? black...
  5. Murffy

    George Armstrong Custer -- Hero or Nut-job?

    I'm going on a trip in a couple of weeks to do some hiking in Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains and on my way back I'm going to visit the Little Big Horn battle site in Montana. I've read quite a bit about the plains Indian wars but, to bone-up a bit, I bought Nathaniel Philbrick's "The Last Stand...
  6. R

    The crime of Royal Lodge (1821/1822), by George IV

    Sorry, I think I was wrong about heading :
  7. The History Junkie

    General George McClellan: A Great Mystery

    I'm preparing an article about George McClellan and his service throughout the Civil War. Like Grant said, "McClellan is to me one of the mysteries of the war." I cannot seem to wrap my mind around him. He seems to be full of contradictions. Here are a few: - Was passionate in his belief...
  8. VHS

    Is George Bernard Shaw: a major cultural figure?

    His thoughts span everywhere; with health and lifespan significantly superior to Nietzsche, and he wrote pretty much until his physical death at almost age 95, we would expect something. What are your opinions about him? Why was he such a complicated person? A person with his lifespan may...
  9. D

    George Bush and Normandy (1944-2004)

    Hello.Some years ago,the President George Bush has said about the debarkment in Normandy (1944): "If we will have to do it again,we should do it again"..... What think the people of America about that ?
  10. Polynikes

    George Maniakes as a general and commander

    How would you rate Maniakes as a commander and successor to other great Roman generals?
  11. M

    George Stevens and SPECOU

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for anyone who has any knowledge of director George Stevens and his time leading the Special Motion Picture Coverage Unit (SPECOU) during world war II. Specifically, I'm looking for information about the men in his unit! Thanks!
  12. C

    George W. Ball VS George F. Kennan

    Who's view do you think was correct pre-Vietnam war? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. T

    WI: Lloyd George killed in 1901.

    In December 1901, Lloyd George went to Birmingham to deliver a speech against the ongoing Boer War. The city, still under the influence of the imperialist Joe Chamberlain, was hugely pro-war and over 100,000 people were rallied by Chamberlain to protest the event and potentially attack Lloyd...
  14. T

    Would the death of Lloyd George lead to a British defeat in ww1?

    Exactly what it says on the tin. In OTL the HMS Hampshire was an armoured cruiser en route to Russia in 1916 when it was sunk by a German submarine. Several important officials were killed by the sinking , including the Minister of War, Lord Kitchener. Suppose Asquith had decided to send some...
  15. P

    King George III-Baseball fan.

    King George III may have been vilified by the Founding Fathers of the nascent U.S.A. as a tyrant but one great irony of this was that King George was not only a baseball fan but had constructed an early form of baseball diamond in the grounds of Windsor Castle where he encouraged the male...
  16. AssyrianMelodies

    Did George Wallace really repent his racist views?

    Hey guys so recently I have begun to wonder about this. George Wallace as you all know was the governor of Alabama from 1963-1967, 1971-1979 and 1983-1987. He was involved in repressing Civil rights activists and enforcing state-wide segregation. However after 1972 he claimed to be a changed...
  17. 1stvermont

    George Thomas Among Union Generals

    Where do you place Thomas among the top union generals? I place him second behind only Grant. George H Thomas [Thomas was]“One of the most competent generals and army commanders on either side, and truly the most unrecognized” -John Cannan The Atlanta campaign Mill Springs...
  18. P

    George Peabody Company

    Who is George Peabody? How relative was he to the panic of 1857? How relative was the panic of 1857 to the CW? What other backstory is worth noting regarding George Peabody and his associates, if any? I want to add. I am genuinely inquiring for my own research. It has been hard gather precise...
  19. T

    Whereabouts of Prince George

    I'm working on a piece of historical fiction and would like to know the whereabouts of Prince George, Duke of Kent at the time of the wedding of his brother Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester in november 1935. He was living in London at the time (his son was born there in October 1935), but is...
  20. T

    WI: Lloyd George won the 1929 General Election.

    In 1929 election, Lloyd George led the Liberals with Keynes as adviser. He proposed a British ''New Deal'' to reduce unemployment and to improve the whole economy, infrastructure and industrial base of Britain: ''We can conquer unemployment''. They involved the building of new motorways...