1. Z

    Gerald Ford didn’t play in the NFL why?

    President Gerald R. Ford played college football for the University if Michigan and he was a really good player. So good that he was drafted to play in the NFL, or how the NFL acquired players around 1931. Ford declines the offers and decided to go to Yale law school. My guess why he chose to...
  2. C

    Would the Iranian Revolution have occured under Gerald Ford?

    Do you think the seeds of the Iranian Revolution were planted long before Ford, Carter, or Reagan? Was the Iranian Revolution beyond the control of any President?
  3. G

    New Member, Gerald

    Hello, I`m a new member from Germany, living in one financial centre of Europe, in Frankfurt. I´m a professional historian giving lectures at the department of adult education here. For about five years I have been studying intensively the US history. I´m very much interested in the history of...
  4. Precedence

    Gerald Ford - good or bad president?

    He was a nice guy. He served a really short term. He didn't want to get too creative until he was elected. I get that. But still, compared to lots of presidents, he's still done very little. And he hasn't really championed any important views. Nixon's presidency makes me a little sick...
  5. Aulus Plautius

    The Legacy of Gerald R. Ford

    I was watching Sunday Morning and they had an interview with David McCullough, the Pulitizer Prize winning author of such highly respected biographies of John Adams and Harry S. Truman. Mr. McCullough gave a list of his top ten presidents and to the surprise of the interviewer, and to many...
  6. arras

    'America lives in a fascist state' - Gerald Celente interview

    YouTube - 'America lives in a fascist state' - Gerald Celente
  7. Nick

    Gerald Ford dies