1. DrStrangelove987

    How did the HRE, with such a confusing, intricate and complicated system of governance last for 1000 years? [No, Voltaire quotes are not necessary]

    Exactly what the title is asking. The History of The Holy Roman Empire is an extremely confusing and intricate system of politics, how in the hell did it last for as long as it did. Reminder; I better not see any Voltaire quotes in your responses.
  2. P

    If Russia had to fight German alone in WW2, would it win?

    Many people all over the internet say that it was the Russians who beat Germany and won WW2 and other countries help was negligible, so, if Russia was to fight the Germans alone, would it win?
  3. G

    WW2 or ww1 German whistle please someone identify !!!!

    Hello what is the year of this whistle I am not sure if it's from ww1 or 2 and it's Mark polizie I guess it's German for police any help is appreciated thanks.
  4. Futurist

    Hitler's Mind is Transported into German Kaiser Wilhelm II's Body in 1888

    I previously created a thread about Hitler's mind being transported to Bismarck's body in 1870. However, after reading the comments on that thread, I figured that I should also ask this question: What if Hitler's mind is transported into German Kaiser Wilhelm II's body in 1888 with the help of...
  5. A

    A 16th-century Protestant bishop

    His name is comething like (but not exactly) Martin Weyer von Leb. Seems to be a Pomerania bishop. Had an adviser and assistant - a lawyer Michael Teuber. I need to know the correct spelling of the name of this Martin, of course, if someone identifies him. My googling (I don't know German...
  6. Futurist

    Would Poland be willing to trade Danzig for German military help to retake the Kresy?

    Here's the scenario that I am thinking of here: Due to France doing a better job of defending the Ardennes, the Manstein Plan fails and thus France doesn't fall in 1940. After several months, Hitler and the Nazis are overthrown and replaced by a military junta of anti-Nazi German generals...
  7. Visigoth Panzer

    German Imperial Knights Territories

    The Imperial Knights of the Holy Roman Empire ( ruled territories independent of other, higher ranking nobility. In the later empire they organized themselves into cantons, which were furthered organized into circles. My question is how much...
  8. Futurist

    German and Russian expansionism in the event of a German-Russian alliance

    If Germany and Russia would have allied with each other in, say, 1890, what would the borders of both of these countries have looked like after both of them would have been finished with their territorial expansion?
  9. R

    Complex German tanks criticism

    Were the Germans wrongly criticized in WW2 for trying to build overly sophisticated and complex tanks like the Tiger I and II and Panthers? The problem the Germans face is that even if German tank production were more efficient, they just could not match the Soviets or the Western Allies in...
  10. Visigoth Panzer

    How Were German Army Camps in the Middle Ages Defended

    Before Wagenburg tactics were copied, how did German armies in the middle ages defend their camps when not in battle?
  11. Futurist

    Plausibility Check: An Imperial German Maginot Line?

    Had Franz Ferdinand survived the assassination attempt on his life on June 28, 1914 and World War I would have thus been prevented (at least in 1914), would it have been plausible for Imperial Germany to eventually construct something similar to the French Maginot Line on its border with France...
  12. larkin

    Germany, 1933 to 1944. What did the average German think?

    After the tumultuous decade of the 20's, a call for law and order was to be expected. What they got was Adolf Hitler. Hitler was an orator and a charismatic. He promised to make Germany great again and avenge injustices of the past. Of course most of us know what happened. My question to...
  13. D

    German armies in France (1569-1576)

    Hello everybody.I am looking for the composition of the german armies which entrated in France during the wars of religion: 1569:army of Wolfgang von Bayern,duque of Zweibrucken. 1575:army of Johan Casimir,son of Friedrich III of Palatinat. Thank you.
  14. Futurist

    Did German voters know before 1933 that Hitler was going to create a dictatorship?

    Did German voters know before 1933 that Hitler was going to create a dictatorship? I'm curious as to how many Germans were aware of the possibility that Hitler was going to consolidate power for himself and his party if/after he would acquire the German Chancellorship. Did Hitler's...
  15. ThePharaoh

    German influence on Armenian Genocide?

    Hi, the following is from Faiz El-Ghusein's Martyred Armenia. Faiz El-Ghusein was a lawyer and official of the Ottoman Empire, who was exiled to Mosul and Diyarbekir due to the his sentiment for Arab Revolution. He is an eyewitness to the event, and during his exile, he was being transfered...
  16. Futurist

    What would Latvia and Estonia look like after 100 years of German rule?

    Had Germany won WWI (by keeping the US neutral and making concessions in the West so that it could keep its territorial gains in the East), and had Germany been able to hold on to Latvia and Estonia for the next 100 years, what would these territories have looked like right now? Would they have...
  17. Futurist

    Was it a German WWI war aim to bring back the French monarchy?

    Was it a German war aim during World War I to bring back the French monarchy? I know that the Germans planned to install a bunch of German princes as the monarchs of Germany's Eastern European puppet states after the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, but did they ever have any similar plans for France...
  18. Futurist

    Hindenburg demands a new German President in 1933

    What if German President Paul von Hindenburg would have made Hitler's consolidation of power (as in, the Enabling Act and the suspension of all other political parties in Germany) contingent on him (Hindenburg) being allowed to retire and replaced with someone of his own (Hindenburg's) choosing...
  19. A

    What if the German Empire insisted on Brest-Litovsk earlier or refused the armistice?

    On 15 December 1917, an armistice was signed between the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) on the one side and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Bulgaria, the German Empire and the Ottoman Empire—the Central Powers—on the other. Despite this, peace negotiations broke...