1. RidiculousName

    Hitler's View of the Germanic Peoples

    When posters in another thread started to debate regarding my post about how Hitler might've viewed the Dutch I noticed a lot of contrasting views. I didn't want to derail that thread too much so I thought I would try and move the debate here since people seem interested. The post that...
  2. J

    Was the nordicism originated from the Germanic countries (Germany England etc) ?

    Was nordicism (the ass-licking of light pigmentation: eye hair skin color) originated from the Germanic countries (Germany, England etc) ? Was it a dominant way of thinking in Germanic countries until the horrors of WW2? I read in a book, that most people in these Germanic countries were great...
  3. B

    Do EngnlishDutchand Nordicpeople consider themselves part of wider Germanic Family ?

    wider Germanic family includes Germanic Language speakers.
  4. M

    Germanic influence on Feudalism

    Im wondering about what kind influence germanic traditions had on feudalism. for example how the germanic franks affected feudalism and the feudal society of the Frankish empire. There is a lack of sources, but the differences between medieval society in northwestern Europe and the middle east...
  5. A

    Slavs,Germanic,Celts and other ships

    Sorry about bad english :D Im interested about these unknown ancient ships.Germanic(mean non Scandinavic German tribe),Slavs,Dacians,Huns and others.They are not specific sea nations but they must had a sea ships or river ships to trade and in some situations to fight.Have any info or pictures?
  6. Visigoth Panzer

    If eastern europe was Germanic

    If eastern Europe remained Germanic (like around the time of the fall of the western empire) with peoples like the Goths, lombards, Gepids, etc., how would history of changed? For sake of simplicity we will assume the Slavs either don't exist or didn't amount to much. Would the Vikings have...
  7. G

    English language... 'Anglo-Frisian' or 'West Germanic'?

    English is often traditionally regarded as either: - an Anglo-Frisian language - a West Germanic language both terms are valid: English: Anglic<<Anglo-Frisian<<Ingvaeonic<<West Germanic<<Germanic<<IE Yet, which is the more pragmatic, relevant definition? i.e. Should the English language...
  8. notgivenaway

    Is English Germanic, or a hybrid?

    I know that language classification is due to grammar, syntax and genetic lineages, more so than vocabulary. And all Germanic languages share Grimm's Law, which is a specific grammatical point that Romance, Celtic or Slavic languages don't share. But then is or should be vocabulary be enough...
  9. S

    What if English Were 100% Germanic? There is actually some kind of movement to replace every trace element of Latin, French and Greek influences in modern English and taking it back to what it might have evolved into, had the Normans not invaded. They call this kind of English...
  10. Draki

    What are all of the reasons Germanic nations looked down on the Slavs?

    Very straight forward question. Some things are obvious, but there must be some more obscure reasons for this. Any ideas?
  11. Polynikes

    What do we know of Caesar's Germanic bodyguard?

    First of all, when and how we're yet recruited? Why did Caesar have a Germanic bodyguard, and what was their reputation like among legionaries? We're they ever committed to the front lines, or did they ever fight alongside Caesar, if so, how did they fare? Thanks.
  12. Sobo

    Old germanic language?

    does anyone know how close old germanic language would be compared to today german?
  13. Sobo

    Battle between germanic forces againt roman general Varus

    I must admitt i had a very different view on this battle, which was one of the most important for my ancestors. I always had the impression it was a huge battlefield and massive battle. Now during a longer train ride i was bored and did read it was quite different. It appears more to be a 3...
  14. Sobo

    Could this be a germanic hill tomb?

    Found this during my hiking tour: Its on top of the Goldberg and quite unique in the topography there. There is no geolocial reason why this bump should be there, There are ridges further down but sourounded by small erosion channels. Nonse could be seen here.
  15. civfanatic

    Social Class and its Relation to Using Germanic or Latinate Words in English

    In Anglophone countries such as Britain, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, are lower-classes more likely to use words of Germanic or Anglo-Saxon derivation, while upper-class individuals are more likely to use words of Latin derivation? I ask because over 90% of English vocabulary with more than...
  16. Sobo

    Germanic tribe of the Thuringii

    I´m from Thüringen, the central state of germany and as you may see our state has the name from our ancestors the Thuringii. I would really like to know if some here can asnwer my questions or are into the topic. Not much is known about their origin. Some speculate that they are identical with...
  17. S

    The Dutch Germanic tribes were the strongest

    What is considered to be modern day Netherlands (and maybe small part of Germany), was once the territory of the Romans, known as Germania Inferior. The tribes that settled these Roman lands were chosen and most likely appointed by their unusual battle skills. The four tribes that make up these...
  18. God Emperor

    Is there any connection between Italic Marsi and Germanic Marsi?

    What is your opinion? Were they related somehow or was it just a coincidence?
  19. God Emperor

    Germanic runes are copied from Italic/Etruscan scripts?

    Most historians believe that ancient Germanics acquired runes from Italics and Adriatic Veneti. What do you think about that?
  20. S

    How 'Gaul" were the earliest Germanic people

    The Germanic people are thought to have originated in South-Scandinavia and then moved eastward and southward. The original inhabitants were Gauls and they/their culture vanished from the lands that became inhabited by the Germanics and were labeled by the Romans as 'Germania'. However, there...