1. P

    Different images of warrior peoples in Greco-Roman litterature

    In surveying the corpus of Greco-roman litterature dealing with politics and warfare, there is a consistency between them as far as rating the fighting qualities of different peoples, usually opponents of greeks and romans. For instance, european peoples like thracians, celts, germans...
  2. P

    Ethnicity as a factor in military success

    Greetings fellow avid history readers. As a new member on this forum this is my very first thread. One of my main interests is military history with a special focus on textual description of engagements between armies, spanning the whole ancient and medieval periods. One of my conclusions is...
  3. Visigoth Panzer

    Mediterranean Germans

    When Austria ruled territory on the Mediterranean did ethnic germans play a significant role in their navy, merchants or ports? Did they ever have a major presence in any coastal cities?
  4. B

    Stereotypes of the Germans of German Empire and Austrian Empire

    In the early 20th century how where the Germans of the German Empire and the Germans of the Austrian Empire viewed? Where the stereotypes of both groups similar or quite different?
  5. notgivenaway

    Sword/Juno/Gold beaches - were the Germans less manned in these areas?

    The casualty figures for these beaches is little more than 2000 between them, and approximately 60,000 men landed. The first landing waves would have been problematic, but then with such light casualties, were the British/Canadians better prepared, or did the Germans not have as strong defences?
  6. M

    Why were Christian Germans separated by Pagan Germans?

    Ok so this is something that I don't quite understand, maybe because I don't quite understand the first part.. But basically one understanding I have is that the Teutonic Knights, a Christian German military order, was mostly present on the east and northern coasts of Germany and really in many...
  7. Johnny J

    Did the Germans care that Hitler was Austrian?

    I have heard that he was sometimes called the "Austrian Corporal" but did it not bother the majority of Germans that Hitler was Austrian by birth? I thought the Germans would have found it slightly strange that they were being ruled by someone who was not German.
  8. jameen

    What is Stalin's back up plan if Moscow was captured by the Germans?

    How will the Red Army fight if Moscow was captured and Stalin was not captured? If Stalin was captured or killed by the Germans during the invasion, do you believe USSR will be part of Nazi Germany? P.S. I am a newbie here and I expect a nice welcome thanks :)
  9. TrueHistory77

    Anglo-American Bias against the Italians during WW2

    I've heard and read that many popular WW2 history books were quite biased against the Italian war effort, even to the point of being quite dismissive and racist. For example, Anglo-American historians would high-light Allied successes while down-playing Italian ones, dismissing them as having...
  10. C

    If the germans had won WW2 would it have lead to WW3?

    Hypothetical of course........... But lets say Hitler had won WW2 and controlled Britain, France and the rest of Europe. Would we have seen even more blood shed and more Wars as the other European nations fought back to regain their land? Would we have seen WW3 and even more tragic loss of life?
  11. SufiMystic

    The Battle of Berlin: April 1945. Could the Germans have won?

    What if the Axis forces had won the Battle of Berlin in 1945? On 16 April 1945, two Soviet army groups attacked Berlin from the east and south, while a third overran German forces positioned north of Berlin. Before the main battle in Berlin commenced, the Red Army encircled the city after...
  12. Menshevik

    Questions about the Germans and German speaking peoples

    I remember reading a WWII book in which a German general was critical of another general because the general was Swabian. I remember much the same scorn being mentioned because a certain commander was from Pomerania. Sadly, I don't remember any of the names in question. I thought these details...
  13. Y

    What did the Germans plan to do with captured territory if they won WW1?

    What did the Germans plan to do with captured territory had they won ww1? I heard somewhere that they planned to make a puppet state out of the Russian part of Poland but I'm sceptical as surely they'd have realised that would revive Polish nationalism and hopes for an independent Poland thus...
  14. F

    Why would white Germans start Cultural Marxism?

    Why would white Germans want to abolish European culture and power? Makes no sense. And how was this school of thought able to permeate so deeply in schools and media?
  15. Lycurgus

    Why are Japanese war crimes less known in the West that those of Germans?

    What I have noticed is that nearly everyone in the west knows about the atomic bombing of Japan by the US, but not so many are aware of the atrocities committed but the Japanese, such as the Nanking massacre. I find many of the Japanese war crimes to be even more brutal than German crimes, but...
  16. M

    Why Germans ignored Britain's "No Single Power on Europe" foreign policy constantly ?

    Why Germans ignored Britain's "No Single Power on Europe" foreign policy constantly ? During 1914 when Germans declared war on Russia and France then invaded neutral Belgium why did they assume Britain would stay neutral since Germans themselves were playing role of Louis XIV and Napoleon , as...
  17. A

    When Germans begun to call themselves a Deutsches?

    As we know up to 1871 ancestors of nowadays Germans lived in different states. How they called themselves in those times? How Germans called themselves in 18 century? Did they called themselves Deutsches or they used names derived from names of states like Prussians, Bavarians, Saxonians, et...
  18. F

    Why didn't regime change & occupation further radicalize Germans & Japanese?

    Supposedly, American led regime change and occupation fuel extremism and help radicalize local population; then why didn't postwar Germany see more and more Germans radicalized into Nazism, Positive Christianity, etc., why didn't postwar Japan see more and more Japanese radicalized into...
  19. S

    If the Germans had taken Moscow, would Russia have collapsed?

    My guess is no, but it's only a guess. A look at a map shows how much of Russia lies to the east of Moscow. In fact, it's 1500 km (nearly 1000 miles) from Moscow to the Urals and Stalin had already moved a lot of industrial capacity to or east of the Urals.
  20. WhatAnArtist

    Would Britain have been able to hold out against the Germans without their empire?

    I'm referring to the Second World War here. In Niall Ferguson's Empire he mentions at one point how the only reason Britain was able to continue the war against the Germans was because of the vast pool of wealth, resources and manpower they were able to draw from their huge colonial empire, and...