1. larkin

    1940. Germans successful invasion of England.

    I am very sure that this speculative question has been asked before but it usually aimed at a swift and successful defeat of the USSR or at least driving them to the Urals. My question is, suppose the Germans honored the 1939 Non-aggression Pact between Germany and Russia and didn't attack...
  2. tomar

    Why did the germans fight for Stalingrad ?

    Once it became clear that the resistance was stiff, why did the germans continue to attack ? Why not simply blockade the remaining parts of the city (as they did in Leningrad) ?
  3. Futurist

    Where in Germany did the expelled Germans settle after the end of WWII?

    Does anyone here have data on where in Germany the ethnic Germans who were expelled from Eastern Europe settled after the end of World War II? Basically, Grimald previously mentioned that many Sudeten Germans settled in Bavaria after the end of WWII. However, it would certainly be nice to have...
  4. V

    What was the reason of the bombing of London by the Germans?

    What tactics were used here?
  5. W

    Why were Germans unprepared for Russian Winter if they shown wearing trench coats?

    One of the most popular explanations why Operation Barbarrosa failed (specifically Stalingrad) was that the German forces lacked proper winter clothing. The popular stigma is that German soldiers were literally freezing to death during the battle and entire battalions were literally rock frozen...
  6. Y

    Why did the Germans started the WW1 and WW2?

    Why did the Germans started the WW1 and WW2? Could it be because they had no colonies in the American continent?
  7. A

    Katyn massacre-Soviet or Germans deed?

    As some posters in "Was Stalin greatest leader of 20th century" alleged that its german doing and that Soviet regime is innocent of it and framed i would like to open discussion in which more knowlegable historians from both side of opinions could check objections or does controversy or...
  8. Space Shark

    How could the Germans have won or drawn at Stalingrad?

    I've been looking into why the Germans lost Stalingrad. It seems to me that they left a lot of the back and rear jobs to their allies (Italians, Romanians, etc) and obviously these forces were nowhere near the level that the Wehrmacht was.
  9. C

    How do most Germans now feel about World War 1?

    I have read quite a bit that most Germans are ashamed of the Nazi's and their role in WW2 (especially the holocaust of course). Though I am curious as to how most Germans feel about WW1? Are most ashamed, and dislike their role as with WW2 or do they see themselves in a better role or...?
  10. C

    Irish, Germans, Polish, black Americans and others who fought for Mexico

    During the Mexican American War many Europeans mostly Irish fought for Mexico against the United States. This has long been a tabu subject for most Americans. They were called the Saint Patrick's Brigade. There is a movie about this called One Man's Hero.
  11. Rodger

    Did the Germans stand any chance of success at the Second Battle of the Marne?

    History tells us the German Empire's last push to win WWI came in July of 1918, when German general Erich Ludendorff launched an offensive near Paris. Understanding that it was only a matter of time before the freshly arrived American troops and resources would wear down an already weary German...
  12. Sobo

    Did the east german government immunize the eastern germans against propaganda?

    Its quite interesting. Chancellor Merkel rules germany since 12 years now and basicly deluded the entire nation. There is no opposstion. The media sing how great Merkel is. You hear no criticism at all. She is like a lighter version of Putin. This worked as long evrything was fine. Then last...
  13. MilitaryRankings

    If the Germans had better intelligence about Soviet capabilities?

    If the Germans had correctly assessed the soviet army size and industrial capabilities. Would they have won? Would they have invaded at all? The failure of German intelligence meant that the Wehrmacht were completely shocked when they first encountered the Soviet T-34 and KV tanks and weapons...
  14. R

    The Holocaust against the Germans this is ethnic cleansing on a huge level and many liberal historians simply forget to mention it why do you think this isn't talked as much by the left wing in general?
  15. Lawnmowerman

    Was the Char B1 used more by the French or Germans

    The Char B1 was a French heavy tank produced from 1935-40. 405 were produced and 206 saw service in the Battle of France. After the French surrender the Germans captured many B1's and pressed them into service. Now did the Germans use more B1's than the French. As a side note the Italians...
  16. W

    Germans in South America BEFORE WWII

    I was wondering if anyone on this forum had information on what happened to Germans and German Jews who were living in Latin America prior to the start of WWI and WWII. When those wars began, the U.S. was looking for Germans to trade for American prisoners. They then offered money to leaders in...
  17. Lawnmowerman

    Should the Germans have executed Edith Cavil in 1915??

    Edith Cavil was a British nurse, working in Belgium at the outbreak of WWI. After Brussels fell to the Germans she remained in her hospital treating both German and allied wounded. In 1915 she was arrested on charges of spying and helping allied soldiers trapped behind enemy lines escape...
  18. J

    Battle of Kursk.Why were more Tigers destroyed by Germans themselves than Russians?

    Hello! Why were more Tigers destroyed by Germans than the Russians in the Battle of Kursk? The exact position of the American documentary:
  19. F

    Germans denies Zimmerman Telegram, decries British conspiracy

    After the divulgation ‎of the Zimmermann Telegram, the Germans immediately starts a counter-narrative campaign, selling the conspiracy theory of British forgery, with the help of pro-German lobby and press. Would such move split American public opinion?
  20. Futurist

    Why didn't ethnic Germans colonize Latvia and Estonia during the Middle Ages?

    Why exactly didn't ethnic Germans colonize the territories that are now Latvia and Estonia during the Middle Ages? After all, ethnic Germans began colonizing East Prussia during this time period; plus, as far as I know, the ethnically German Teutonic Knights controlled the territories that are...