1. Ming

    WW2: What If The Germans Captured Moscow

    What would of had happened if the German army had captured Moscow.
  2. Lawnmowerman

    What were the British Governments plans if the Germans successfully invaded???

    We have all seen the famous "Keep calm and carry on." posters from WWII Britain. Most people don't realise that these were never actually used, because they were designed to be used only if the Germans successfully invaded. I am sure there were other plans in place as well. What were...
  3. General Winter

    Poles killed more Jews than Germans during war ?

    Polish prosecutors on Thursday opened a libel probe against a US historian after he claimed Poles killed more Jews than Germans during the second world war. Last month, German newspaper Die Welt ran an article by the Polish-born Princeton University professor Jan T Gross in which he...
  4. C

    Why didn't the Germans use anti personnel bombs on D Day?

    Why didn't the Germans use anti personnel bombs on D Day? Source: Butterfly Bombs - Axis History Forum Considering how good they were against groups of soldiers marching or running or just in close proximity with one another not only in the East but in Italy and North Africa, why weren't they...
  5. Futurist

    Why exactly weren't the Volga Germans included in the 1939 Nazi-Soviet pop exchanges?

    Why exactly weren't the Volga Germans included in the 1939 Nazi-Soviet population exchanges? After all, since Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union exchanged populations in 1939 after the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, why exactly weren't the Volga Germans included in these population exchanges? Indeed...
  6. VikingGirlTBird

    How really Germanic are the Germans really?

    Were and are the Germans from Germany from ancient to modern times generally and on average mostly "Celtic" or Germanic as a whole by ancestry? 1. Generally and on average were and are the Germans as a whole mainly Germanic by ethnicity and Germanic by culture? 2. Or generally and on average...
  7. VikingGirlTBird

    What is the true ancestry of the Palatinate Germans from Germany?

    Were and are the Palatinate Germans from the Palatinate region in Germany from ancient to modern times mostly "Celtic" or Germanic by ancestry? 1. Were and are the Palatinate Germans mostly descended from the ancient Celts that originally inhabited the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany...
  8. C

    More pragmatic Germans create ROA in 1941?

    If the Germans had been more pragmatic (As unlikely as that is just go with it), including Hitler himself, how successful could a native recruitment program have been among the Soviet population including POWs in German captivity and Red Army soldiers still fighting on Stalin's side beginning...
  9. M

    Allies Starve Germans !

    Is that true that Americans and other Allies Starve Millions of Germans tell the death after world war 2 ? and if is that true, what are the evidences proves that ??
  10. C

    What did the Germans do with the Soviet factories they captured in '41?

    During Op. Barbarossa the Germans captured hundreds of Soviet factories, some of which had produced small arms, ammo, tanks, aircraft etc. What did the Germans do with these factories? Did they attempt to get them up and running again or did they strip them down and send them back to Germany to...
  11. Earl_of_Rochester

    When did the Germans realise they were the bad guys? ?
  12. Gaius Julius Civilis

    Germans of Transleithania

    In 1910 there were approximately 2 million Germans (based on mother tongue) in the Hungarian part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, also known as Transleithania. While German nationalism was sweeping through the Austrian crownlands at the start of the 20th century, the German communities in...
  13. Pillbox city

    Would the USSR be able to fight off the Germans without land-lease?

    I've been noticing that some people have been saying is that the reason why the USSR won against the Nazis was because of the massive amount of aid that the United States and the UK gave to the Soviets during the war. Let's say the western allies didn't give any aid to the Russians on the...
  14. C

    Which defeat was worse for the Germans: Stalingrad or Tunisia?

    Which defeat was worse and had a greater negative impact upon the German war effort? The defeat at Stalingrad due to the encirclement and resulting surrender? Or the defeat and subsequent capture of the Afrika Korps in May 1943? Please explain your answer.
  15. EmperorTigerstar

    What if the Germans Never Acquired the Caroline Islands?

    In 1899, Germany bought the Caroline Islands and Mariana Islands (excluding US-held Guam) from Spain, removing the last Spanish colonial presence in the Pacific Ocean. What if they never did so and it remained a Spanish colony? I'd say that the Japanese would try to either purchase the islands...
  16. B

    Relation between La Tène and Jastorf cultures and the Barbarians

    What's the relation between La Tène and Jastorf cultures and the German? I'm reading a book by Peter Heather where he metions it trying to show how different can the german cultures be, and it's not clear for me. Are this cultures the base of germanic cultures?
  17. Garibaldi

    Flying Aces. Are Germans the best pilots in history?

    In the history of aerial battles, the first name that come to the mind is Manfred von Richthofen But when I started to see the list of the World War II flying aces, i was impressed by the high number of German pilots that are present in this list. List of World War II flying aces - Wikipedia...
  18. B

    Did the Ardennes Offensive show the Americans were inadequate to handle Germans alone

    Since it showed that US forces were incapable of winning WW2 alone - shorn of their air supremacy due to bad weather, when attacked the US troops broke and ran, and needed British/Canadian help to plug the gap in the line. Eisenhower had to order Montgomery to bring elements of the British 2nd...
  19. M

    Could the development of a Strategic bomber helped the Germans win?

    The Germans lacked a long range strategic bomber. They were mainly using JU-87 Stukas and fighters to attack ground targets mainly for tactical support during battles. They didn't have a large long range bomber to annihilate strategic positions. Could the development of a strategic bomber...
  20. C

    Who committed the worst atrocities the Germans or the Japanese?

    Who committed the worst atrocities the Germans or the Japanese during WW2 and the Sino Japanese War? Who displayed more cruelty and viciousness? Who was more objectively evil in their war crimes? Can we even devise some type of measurement to figure out which nation and military was more evil or...