1. WeisSaul

    Britain vs Dutch, Germans, and Boers?

    The Dutch and Germans were sympathetic to the Boer cause, and apparently threatened war at one point in the second Boer war. Had they made good on their threats, what would have happened?
  2. J

    What papers were Germans required to carry under the Nazi regime?

    Whenever I watch a WWII movie with the SS or Gestapo, they are always asking to see "your papers please". What exactly were those "papers"?
  3. M

    Protestant Germans under Napoleon's Confederation of the Rhine

    Greetings! I am researching my family history and I was hoping to collect some opinions about why my family might have immigrated to the United States when they did. I have reason to believe that my ancestors immigrated from Germany to the U.S. some time between May 10, 1806 and May 9, 1807...
  4. Mohammed the Persian

    Germans in Allied Countries during WWI/WWII

    What happened to the Germans who lived abroad, in Canada/America/Britain or (most intriguingly) in France during the Wars ? Deported ? Sent to camps ? Put on trial ?? Hated by the General Public as being public enemy #1 ?
  5. H

    Could the Germans have won at Stalingrad?

    This question has, I'm betting, been asked a million times before. Could the German army have beat back the inevitable Russian counterattack at Stalingrad and held the city long enough to eventually slice off Russia's Caucasus oil supplies, devastating and ultimately defeating the Red Bear? I...
  6. T

    British goodness to beaten germans.

    In 1943 a German ''Fallschrimjaeger'' who looked like the Nazi's dream poster boy I.E. Bond ,hair, blue eyes , fair skin etc was captured by the British and taken to Britain as a P.O.W. . After the war.the ex Fallshrcrimjaeger POW became a goalkeeper eventually with Manchester City F.C, and won...
  7. Mohammed the Persian

    Why did the Germans go after Stalingrad?

    Title says it all. :) By "go after", I mean why did they attack it. ;)
  8. M

    Life for East Germans better before or after the fall of the Berlin Wall?

    I have been set an extended project with the title, "Is life for East Germans better now that the Berlin Wall has fallen?". For this project I must write an essay of approximately 5000 words and deliver a short presentation but unfortunately I am stumped as to where to begin. I had planned to...
  9. L

    Germans won the Battle of the Marne?

    How would this have affected the course of World War I?
  10. Stephan

    When did Germans realize Hitler was the evil one?

    I was just watching a movie called Valkyrie, which is about one of the failed attempts to kill Hitler. That got me thinking, everyone knows that Hitler was the leader in germany back in the II world war period. But when did the germans realize how evil he actually was. Obviously its possible...
  11. throughthepastdarkly

    Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans So Stupid?

    I came across this video, which is bold, to say the least. I think it warrants discussion. Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid? | Rebel News - Dissident News and Analysis It's well-thought out and produced, even if it seems to go a bit far towards the end. Please everyone...
  12. HopelessRomantic

    German Superiority?

    I've been wondering lately about how the Germans held out against Russia, Great Britain, and the French during the bloody years of the First World War. Are there any logical explanations on why they were able to? The Central Powers were at a horrible disadvantage in terms of manpower. I hope you...
  13. M

    What if the Germans won Stalingrad?

    The Battle of Stalingrad was obviously a turning point in the Eastern Front and maybe the war in general. Seeing as both sides lost tremendous amounts of men in the war, what if the Soviet counterattack failed? If the German 6th Army broke free from the encirclement and took control of...
  14. H

    European History: the end of WW1 and 1933?

    I have this task at school but I have no clue about it and I have no idea how to answer it but I am very interested in knowing because it really interests me: What do these sources suggests about how attitudes have changed between the end of WW1 (sources 1 and 2) and 1933 (source 3)? Here are...
  15. C

    Looking for memories of germans about WW2

    Hi. I'm Russian. WW2 was very hard trial for soviets and other peoples. There are enough memories from common russian people who took parts in battles or lived under ocupation. But there was another side -germans. Not dedicated nazis, but common germans, who were involved in this war. I'd like...
  16. Perix

    No germans attack Poland, no japaneese Pearl Harbour

    How would evolved the situation in Europe, and in the world, if Hitler would not attacked Poland, and japaneese not attacked USA? What would happened with Germany, in the next 10 years? Would becomed Japan a first rank power of the world? USA would becomed the same world power, as it did after...
  17. larkin

    Were the Germans accountable for WW2

    Were the German people responsible for the rise of Adolf Hitler, the extermination of the Jews and World War 2 in Europe? This is a hypothetical question that has a bearing on current events. Are the citizens of a country accountable for the actions done in their name? Are...
  18. A

    Silesia, Pommerania, East Prussia. Germans should be ashamed for wanting these lands back.

    Silesia, Pommerania, East Prussia. Germans should be ashamed for wanting these lands back. How can a germans evicted from these lands have any claim to them? the german citizens still alive still bare the moral guilt for the war Germany and the nazi party declared on europe and the world. As...
  19. M

    Could Germans have won Soviets late 1943

    What do u think, did nazis have any change of winning the war on easter front after the Kursk failure in summer 1943?
  20. A

    How did the East Germans stop rural defectors.

    Hi all, I apologise for my naivety... I have searched the net to find an answer, but nothing pops up that easily describes how the border between east and west germany was enforced during the split. Most queries return the Berlin wall... Was there patrols at border roads only? or was there a...