1. S

    Why Germany kept fighting after 1943?

    After Kursk and Sicily, the war was pretty much done to germans. Them you have 1944 normandy and heavy soviet offensive at ostland. I have read the Soldiers book by Sonke but I still don't get it. Why? Hitler's oath? Hope of victory? Suicide?
  2. R

    what was the reason that germany was the most advanced country

    at the time of ww2... scientifically, technologically, military etc. you would think UK would be the dominating those fields but no
  3. Futurist

    Germany's defeat in World War I vs. the collapse of the Soviet Union

    I was wondering about this--is it fair to compare the reaction(s) of Russian nationalists to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Empire to the reaction(s) of German nationalists to Germany's defeat in World War I? After all, didn't German nationalists argue that Germany lost World...
  4. Futurist

    Germany's Current Population if Germany Wins World War I

    If Germany would have won World War I, then what would Germany's current population be? After all, a victorious Germany might not have to deal with World War II afterwards and might also experience a baby boom as a result of its victory in World War I. Plus, Germany might annex some territories...
  5. C

    Did the Romans make the wrong decision in choosing not to annex Germany and Parthia?

    Under Augustus, the Romans opted for strategically sustainable borders with clear geographic boundaries (the Rhine, the Euphrates, etc). I think that was a broadly sensible strategic decision, but I also wonder if it might not have been more sensible to create a buffer zone in Germany/Parthia...
  6. Andrew Bagpipe

    25 years since Germany's reunification

    "The reunification of Germany - 50 mins of BBC Breakfast News 3rd October 1990": Not sure if I should post this in European History or Current Events?
  7. Glowin

    WW2: Germany-Poland-Italy as AXIS

    Let's say that in this scenario Poland and German came to a certain understanding, and that their national politics found the way to work together. Question of Gdanjsk (Danzig) is no longer on the menu, probably fixed by either giving it up to Germany, or making a settlement that pleased German...
  8. C

    Best books about Nazi Germany during WW2

    What are the best books about Nazi Germany during WW2? Books along the lines of "The Third Reich at War "
  9. G

    Why did Britain and Germany or Germanic states not ever ally against France

    Why did Britain and Germany or Germanic states (whatever their names were before unification) not ever ally against France their common enemy during Napoleonic years or before or after that. They both had longstanding enemity with France yet they never formed a serious alliance of longstanding...
  10. R

    Top 10 Kings of Germany

    (Some double as Holy Roman Emperor) 1. Otto I - (936-973) 2. Charles V - (1519-1556) 3. Charles IV - (1346-1378) 4. Frederick II - (1215-1250) 5. Frederick I - (1152-1190) 6. Henry VII - (1308-1313) 7. Henry III - (1039-1056) 8. Henry VI - (1190-1197) 9...
  11. G

    Did India at any point have a war economy like Nazi Germany

    At any point of its history did India have a war economy like Nazi Germany. Where the entire economy was being built up for war. I often wonder why especially after Independence India did not adopt a faster growth path and especially try taking parts of Bangladesh (like Khulna and Chittagong...
  12. SSDD

    Soviet Invasion of Germany instead of Operation Barbarossa

    Here Hitler does not launch Operation Barbarossa( Unternehmen Barbarossa ) in 1941. Germany remains preoccupied with North Africa Campaign, Naval Warfare and Air Warfare against Britain and Commonwealth Nations. Both Germany and Soviet Union agrees to have friendly relations regarding East...
  13. Lawnmowerman

    Balkanisation of Germany after WWI

    At Versailles the French were very keen on breaking up Germany into smaller states. The British and Americans talked them out of it, but what would a Balkanised Germany look like in 1918?? I imagine an independent, Rhineland (this was Frances main goal to create an independent buffer state...