1. blattinum

    Hello from Michigan

    Hello, my name is blattinum and I have a fairly eclectic interest in history but at the moment I am mostly interested in local Michigan history. The main reason for my strong interest in local history (specifically the "Thumb" region of Michigan) is because my home township, "Flynn" is...
  2. R

    A 180° different Gettysburg address.

    Lincoln realizes the insanity of wasting the 2 best army's in the Americas destroying each other and American territory, instead of invading the extremly weak, invaluable Americas, Hawaii, South Africa, etc, with minimum losses. Accordingly, he addresses the crowd and the Confederacy completely...
  3. Marshall Ney

    What was the most decisive factor in the outcome of the Battle of Gettysburg?

    I've only recently developed an interest in the US Civil War and I am an Aussie so my knowledge is a bit limited. As far as I can see Lee was on the back foot from the start because he got pulled into a battle while his army was still spread out, with little knowledge of the terrain or what...
  4. P

    Situation on Rappahannock river after Gettysburg

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can expand on this section of the quote further down? Were the two armies encamped right up to each bank of the river or was there a kind of no mans land between each army and each bank? If so, how wide was it? Did either side patrol the other side of the river? Is...
  5. MountainMoose

    Sickles at Gettysburg

    This has probably already been debated at length on this forum but I was unable to find the thread, so here is my question: Did Sickles, in moving his corps forward from a strong position on cemetery ridge that was anchored on his left on little round top to slightly higher ground around the...
  6. C

    Gettysburg Myths and Questions

    Anyone who knows even a little bit about Gettysburg has heard the one about Confederate General Heth bringing on the battle because he was looking for shoes for his men. I've not only heard this story, I've heard the criticisms of it, too, but I've never heard a satisfactory alternative to it...
  7. Space Shark

    153rd Anniversary of Battle of Gettysburg

    I don't think a thread about the battle was posted yesterday, so here it is. From July 1-3, 1863, one of the largest and most decisive battles of the Civil War was waged at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. At the end of it all, Lee's army had been decisively defeated, and would never invade the North...
  8. J

    Reconstruction Conference in Gettysburg 6/17-19

    There will be a conference on Reconstruction at Gettysburg College from June 17 through the 22nd. Unfortunately the option for all 5 days is sold out, but there are some slots left for the 17th-19th (Friday through Sunday). During this period some of the notable historians speaking will be...
  9. Edratman

    Civil War museum transfers collection to Gettysburg

    I stumbled across an article stating that the Civil War Museum of Philadelphia, owners of a fantastic collection of Civil War artifacts, will transfer the collection to Gettysburg. A second announcement was included in the story that the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia will mount a...
  10. D

    This Day in History: Gettysburg Address

    Wanted to share this tidbit in history. On this day in 1863, Lincoln delivered what arguably stands as the best speech ever written: This Day in History: Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
  11. B

    JEB Stuart at Gettysburg

    Did Stuart misinterpret or disobey orders? Was he looking for dramatics? Was he hindered or decoyed by Union forces? Did Lee have other intelligence? If not, why not? Should Lee have retreated or avoided battle without much intelligence?
  12. Salah

    The Battle of Gettysburg - the first day

    Like many of the great battles in the past two centuries of history, Gettysburg was a several day affair, spanning from July 1st to July 3rd, 1863. The events of the first day are seldom given the attention received by the fighting on the second day, or the infamous 'Pickett's Charge' on the...
  13. petesonjk

    New Gettysburg Photo Mystery

    I submit the following blog for review. It is yet another location for the Harvest of Death photos. I had a new twist to the mystery however. I've contacted a few historians concerning something I've observed in the Brady quarry/pond photo. This is apparently a new...
  14. petesonjk

    Harvest of Death Gettysburg

    I submit the following link to my blog for review. It is yet another location for the Harvest of Death photos. I had a new twist to the mystery however. I've contacted a few historians concerning something I've observed in the Brady quarry/pond photo. This is apparently a new observation and no...
  15. Underlankers

    A reappraisal of Chancellorsville and Gettysburg:

    One of the true defects in appraising the generalship of Robert E. Lee is that his battles tend to be treated as individual incidents occurring in a vacuum, not as parts of broader campaigns or operational and strategic contexts. The most challenging aspect of doing so would be one that would...
  16. U

    Early at Gettysburg

    Please help me disabuse myself of the notion that ol Jube could have been THE key perpetrator of Ewell's failure to move on Cemetery and/or Culp's Hills on Day 1. Rereading Coddington, Sears and Tucker, they seem to agree that Extra Billy Smith was chasing the wild goose on the York Pike east...

    Lee's Biggest Mistake at Gettysburg

    What do you think was Lee's biggest mistake at Gettysburg? One could argue it was invading the North in the first place, but I'll say his biggest mistake was (surprise!) Pickett's Charge. Now it seems that Lee wasn't crazy, he had legitimate reasons for believing the attack would succeed (poor...
  18. Menshevik


    Gettysburg (1993) - IMDb I just finished watching this movie. It was a long movie, over four hours long! What do you Civil War buffs think of it? Was it realistic? Was it true to the actual events? Longstreet seemed to come through as the only voice of reasoning on the Confederate side. Lee...
  19. diddyriddick

    Virtual Tour of Gettysburg

    For those who are interested, this site is kinda cool. Battle of Gettysburg | |
  20. Salah

    Confederate blunders at Gettysburg - who was responsible?

    You'll have to forgive me for a lazy OP, as I'm short on time at the moment. While no one ever doubted the courage of the officers and men of the Army of Northern Virginia during the Gettysburg Campaign, a lot of doubt has been placed on the quality of their leadership. Various Confederate...