1. R

    Ghana and Mali Empires

    How powerful were the Ghana and Mali empires? Were they more powerful than the European kingdoms? Also, what time did agriculture reach west africa?
  2. wskim

    Ghana and Mali Empires and Their Scholars

    So, lately I've been reading more and more about these two empire and also the Songhai empire lately along with reading about other kingdoms and states that popped up in precolonial west Africa, right? I've been reading books, articles online, posts from Historum and other sites, archaeology...
  3. H

    The Wheel in Ancient Ghana, Mali, and Songhai?

    Before I start, I just want to clarify that I'm not one of those people who thinks that the wheel is a caveman technology like fire or stone tools. I'm aware that the invention of the wheel has only ever happened independently maybe 2 or 3 times in history. Likely Europe and the Middle East and...
  4. Aurangzeb

    Ancient West Africa (before Ghana and Islam)

    Do we have any reliable sources on West Africa in late antiquity? I'm talking between the foundation of Rome up to 300 AD. I know Ptolemy talked about this area but the Geographia is unreliable as heck in this area. I also know that Hanno the Navigator sailed down to either Guinea or Cameroon...
  5. uppsa1

    Why is Ghana peacefull?

    In many commentaries on the war in Syria as well as other Civil wars in Africa and the Middle East, one of the most popular explanations are the tensions from the Borders created by the European Colonial powers that separated and mixed different tribes without caring about the consequences. Last...
  6. A

    Ghana Empire

    Of Interest! A brief look at the Ghana Empire African History: Ghana Empire - YouTube Thoughts?
  7. blingdogg

    Books on the Asante (Ashanti) of Ghana?

    I've found it hard to find any books on the early history of the Asante (Ashanti) empire, in precolonial Ghana. Does anyone have any books they can recommend on their precolonial history? Anything before the 20th century would be good. Thanks
  8. PreColonialAfricaFTW

    Koumbi Saleh, the racially segregated capital of the Ghana Empire?

    Yikes: Just by reading the description it seems like a cross between racial and religious segregation, One town for the African pagans/sorcerers and their king, the other for Muslims(Arab but African Muslims as well, most likely). It's possible this was done due to religious friction, Ancient...
  9. A

    Ancient Ghana Empire

    Origin: Source: Ancient African Civilizations To ca. 1500: Text Supplement and Study Guide for History/PAS 393 Dr. Susan J. Herlin Culture: Source: Expansions And Contractions: World-Historical Change And The Western Sudan World-System (1200/1000 B.C.–1200/1250 A.D.) Journal of...
  10. Jake10

    Why did Ghana fall?

    By 800 A.D. Ghana was a thriving trade center, controlling the trade routes from North Africa to Sudan. By 1070, Ghana was a powerful empire that could put together as many as 200 000 warriors. Yet, in 1042 Arabs from North Africa invaded causing a slow decline. Their forces were weak and...
  11. oshron

    research: ghana, mali, and songhay

    im doing some research into a mythology/religion-based RTS that ive recently decided will include a Soninke Muslim faction in order to include another african civilization. im dating content for that faction from the beginning of the Ghana Empire (circa 790) to the end of the end of the Songhay...