1. VHS

    Is the UK a ghost of its former glory?

    The British Empire is largely gone, and the UK is a middle power in many aspects: Its military might is almost negligible today. It is geographically small. It no longer has significant manufacturing capacity. Can we talk about the status of the UK today? We have quite a few British...
  2. Robby

    The Ghost Army

    From what i know the ghost army was a deceptive unit in the United States army during World War 2 that used creative tactics to confuse their enemies.I want to know if anybody else has anything to add to this or opinions on the ghost army.
  3. D

    Re: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2

    Re: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 This is an episode of "Reflets Sud", a program produced by the Belgium TV station RTBF. Reflets Sud is a program [intended to reflect the true richness and beauty of a South often portrayed by desolation and disaster. "Reflets sud" presents a...
  4. larkin

    Top 10 Ghost Towns

    Dubai,..Ghost town of the near future..
  5. D

    Ancient Ghost Stories

    Reading the Penguin Classics 'The Letters of the Younger Pliny' today, an excellent translation by Betty Radice, I came across a letter in which Pliny tells of a remarkably modern-like a ghost story. A version can be found here: An Ancient Ghost Story It got me thinking, what are the oldest...
  6. C

    The Ghost Cavalry of Gondole

    The mysterious burials at Gondole (Gaul) ~link removed
  7. Pearl of Tyburn

    Miracles in British Battles

    Does anyone have a favorite story about a "miraculous" or "supernatural" event that has taken place during a battle involving the British? How about little-known religious observations of any of the participants?
  8. Z

    Different between soul,spirit and ghost

    What are the difference between soul,spirit and ghost? EDIT: Also,among those three, which one of them represent human consciousness? What are the function of all three of them?
  9. Naomasa298

    A Chinese Ghost Story

    So, having posted about various youkai and Japanese ghosts and monsters, I would like to hear about some traditional Chinese ghosts and demons. One that Western viewers may be familiar with is the jiang shi or hopping vampire/zombie. Now, I know they hop because their bodies are stiff due to...
  10. Naomasa298

    Ghost festivals throughout the world

    It's that time of year again. The rain patters against your window. A flash of lightning illuminates a derelict house. The sound of the neighbour's dog is abruptly silenced. Suddenly, the lights go out. Startled, you turn around. There's a knock at the door. Who's that? The knock comes again...
  11. K

    Murdered Bocksten Man ( The ghost of Sweden )

    This is some creepy stuff....the way he was murdered, buried and later haunted the place. Bocksten Man - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Bocksten Man (also spelled as Boxsten) is the remains of a medieval male body found in a bog in Varberg Municipality, Sweden. It is one of the...
  12. AlpinLuke

    East Germany: ghost in history

    Probably East Germany [Deutsche Demokratische Republik] has been the most evident case, because of dimension and population, of "temporary country" in history. Just the history of the "partial country" as a state is particular. It was declared in 1949 [in the Soviet sector of Berlin], but it...
  13. Scribe

    Chinese Ghost Cities

    I know very little about Chinese history, both ancient and modern, so I was hoping to gain some insight from the experts: Can anyone confirm the following situation? And if so, I would very much appreciate it if you could make some sense out of it for me. Thanks! Exhibit a: More than 30...
  14. Salah

    Ghost towns

    In 1790, Welsh settlers Obadiah Higginbotham and John Randall founded the town of Bara-Hack in northern Connecticut. Its population dwindled during the mid-19th Century, and the town was formally abandoned by 1890. Today it is a ghost town, and allegedly the site of ghostly or otherwise...
  15. Edward

    The ghost from the past. Old relict of biological and chemical warfare.

    Long time ago, during the infamous existence Warsaw Pact, after my National Service in Polish Air Force, I was working as a young engineer in civil aviation. It was mostly in crop dusting aircraft manufacturing industry as well as in crop dusting aviation operation across Europe and Africa. At...
  16. diddyriddick

    Resurrecting a Ghost: The story of Kee Bird

    A PBS production relating the attempt to restore and re-fly Kee Bird, a B-29 preserved in the frozen wasteland of Greenland. B-29 Frozen in Time Pt 1 - YouTube B-29 Frozen In Time Pt 2 - YouTube B29 Frozen In Time Pt 3 - YouTube B29 Frozen In Time Pt 4 - YouTube B29 Frozen In Time Pt 5 -...
  17. Kraken

    Ghost towns

    This link features a gallery of old forgotten ghost towns in the USA. Plenty of information and pictures document each case. Ghost Towns | Hundreds of Pictures of Ghost Towns from Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho and Montana
  18. Caracalla

    Ghost Music - Tutankhamun's Trumpet

    BBC News - Recreating the sound of Tutankhamun's trumpets
  19. leakbrewergator

    China's Ghost Cities and Malls

    YouTube - China's Ghost Cities and Malls
  20. Clemmie

    Headless Ghost Forces Theme Park to Move Ride

    Headless Ghost Forces Theme Park to Move Ride - :nuts: