1. L

    Ghosts of Melbourne

    Frederick Federic – Ghosts of Melbourne, and The Princess Theatre Home to numerous reported Ghost Sightings of a Dark Dramatic Nature. Melbourne’s East End District of Theatre Companies is home to The Princess Theatre. This 1488 Seat Theatre is the oldest continuous venue for entertainment in...
  2. Rodger

    At the end of life, 'seeing ghosts' may be a self-awareness of being near death

    I came across this article this morning: At the end of life, 'seeing ghosts' may be a self-awareness of being near death | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette I was intrigued my the concept. As a logical person, I find it hard to believe in ghosts. As a spiritual person, something tells me it may...
  3. Tercios Espanoles

    Wrecks, Ruins and Derelicts - History's Ghosts

    Post 'em here... AMX-13 in the Pyrenees. KMS Prinz Eugen St. Mary's Abbey Church
  4. Salah

    Ghosts, angels, and divine intervention in battle

    Since ancient times, warriors and soldiers have looked to the heavens for inspiration. The Greeks told of their gods coming down to pick sides in military contests between mortals. Constantine and other Roman generals were inspired by divinely-inspired visions in the sky, or by positive omens...
  5. ghostexorcist

    Archive #10: The Wild Hunt (2)

    Entry deleted
  6. ghostexorcist

    Archive #9: The Wild Hunt

    Archive #9: The Wild Hunt The "Wild Hunt" is a Europe-wide legend about various deities or historical kings leading the souls of the damned and/or recently departed on supernatural hunts through the skies. I'm posting this paper here because it is one of the few English language works on the...
  7. Maia

    Why do all societies have ghosts?

    Every human society has a belief in ghosts and other types of non-corporeal entities, even societies that have had no interaction with each other or are cut off and remote. For example, the inhabitants of America or Australia before contact with the rest of the world. These beliefs are all very...
  8. Qymaen

    Do you believe in ghosts?

    Well do you? Also if anyone wants to they could provide a brief history on the evolution and spread of the myth that is ghosts. :)
  9. Salah

    On Ghosts and Hauntings

    I start this thread in the "Religion" subforum because it is a topic intimately connected to one's view of spirituality and the afterlife. If a moderator feels there is a more appropriate location for the thread, feel free to move it accordingly. I do not style myself a religious person...
  10. diddyriddick

    Ghosts of WWII Past

    Interesting Now/then photography of WWII This guy is something else!
  11. NewModelSoldier

    Chasing the Ghosts of Ostafrika

    French cavalry troops with Natives Introduction Far from the endless horror of Western Front combat with the endless whistling of approaching shells and the dreaded rat-a-tat of entrenched machine guns, the continent of Africa and the dormant colonies of the European Powers awoke into a...
  12. Marius

    Roman Ghosts?

    I don't believe in ghosts personally, but those of you that do might find this interesting: YouTube - Ghosts, Roman Soldiers (1/2) YouTube - Ghosts, Roman Soldiers (2/2)