1. Dreamhunter

    Giant croc capture after eight year hunt

    Giant croc captured after eight year hunt
  2. M

    Terrible, the villagers caught a giant snake attacking the cow

    Can not believe that the snake is so big, it is trying to swallow a cow but the villagers discovered and catch it.
  3. M

    Catch Giant Tarantula Spider and The Ending Amazing

    I have Sad story to share with you all. On the journey to discover I accidentally discovered a giant tarantula or a lobster. Immediately, rushed home to hoe to dig it, the giant spider monster. That is the spider tarantula, before I thought it was cobra cave, I was wrong. Unfinished caught the...
  4. AlpinLuke

    Giant nukes VS little nukes

    In these days US and Russia are planning to follow two opposite nuclear doctrines [US are going to produce little tactical nukes, while Russia seems to be producing a 100 megatons torpedo to generate devastating radioactive tsunamis]. Historically, the Cold War has seen a real run to...
  5. A

    The Nuragic civilization of Sardinia, was it Tarshish?

    First of, among all the lands west of Greece during the Late Bronze age, Sardinia seems to be the most advanced in many aspects. For starters, architecture wise the Sardinian people were the most proficient if we direct our attention towards west of Greece: The Nuraghi temselves are proof of...
  6. AlpinLuke

    A far giant planet in our system

    It seems that our Solar System, after losing Pluto from the list of the proper planets, could acquire again a ninth planet. And this time it would be a giant object at the limit of the Kuiper belt. Caltech researchers are sustaining this, so the matter deserves to be taken in serious...
  7. Iraq Bruin

    Giant ancient underground city found that may be the largest in the world

    Giant Ancient Underground City Found That May Be The Largest In The World | Spirit Science
  8. Miss Hearts

    Giant Mosaic Unearthed In Greek Tomb

    A mosaic of a man in a chariot has been discovered in an ancient tomb in Amphipolis in northen Macedonia on October 12 of this year. The mosaic dates back from the 4th century BC (During the time of Alexander the Great) It is still unknown who is buried at the sight, but there is much...
  9. AlpinLuke

    About volcanoes: a new giant under the sea

    Thinking to how volcanoes have affected the history of the Mediterranean area, we could reach the conclusion that they have had some importance, but at the end their role has been quite marginal in the great design of history, at least in historical times. Sure Thera caused the decline of an...
  10. Naima

    Giant human specie

    Every now and then appear some news of the duscovery of some proves or fossilsof giant humans from the past .... But why that is happening? Are there real proves of giant humans ? Whats known about the sybject? Many ancient tales and even historucal accounts report of oversized humans or giants...
  11. D

    Crom Dubh = Hromi Daba = Grom Div = Thunder Giant?

    Cromlech, Dolmen. What do these words mean and where do they come from? Who is Crom Dubh, the Giant who sat on Giant’s chairs and lay in Giant’s graves…Is Crom Dubh from Irish mythology Hromi Daba from Serbian mythology? And is Crom Dubh, Hromi Daba actually Grom Div, the Thunder Giant? Old...
  12. The merchant of Venice

    Will China become a soft power giant?

    One of the strongest point of america today is the pervasivity of american culture around the globe. Do you think china is capable of becoming relevant in such regards? Is china capable of promoting her culture in the world with movies, music, technology and such?
  13. Clemmie

    Scientists say giant fleas feasted on dinosaur blood

    These giant fleas feasted on dinosaur blood - Technology & science - Science - :nuts:
  14. Patito de Hule

    G & P--a giant parody Gargantua and Pantagruel (Penguin Classics) (9780140445503): Francois Rabelais, M. A. Screech: [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@51Gl8bF9HaL The edition I read was not this, but one published in 1874 that has been on the bottom shelf in...
  15. Thessalonian

    Why Giant Bugs Once Roamed the Earth

    Why Giant Bugs Once Roamed the Earth Predatory dragonflies the size of modern seagulls ruled the air 300 million years ago, and it's long been a mystery how these and other bugs grew so huge. The leading theory is that ancient bugs got big because they benefited from a surplus of oxygen in...
  16. Salah

    Giant Ground Sloths

    Any love for one of the seemingly most unattractive mammals that ever existed? I've read about a theory that ground sloths may have been omnivorous - is there any fossil evidence to back this up? Incidentally, animals similar to the ground sloth feature in the mythology of some South...
  17. tjadams

    Archaeologists Excavate Biblical Giant Goliath's Hometown

    Archaeologists Excavate Biblical Giant Goliath's Hometown Published July 11, 2011 | TEL EL-SAFI, Israel – They haven't found the slingshot -- not yet anyway. But as archaeologists continue excavation at Gath -- the Biblical home of Goliath, the giant warrior improbably felled...
  18. Thessalonian

    Secrets of Giant Cloud Holes Revealed

    "Mysterious holes in clouds made by aircraft may owe their huge sizes to a little bit of heat, a new study suggests." Secrets of Giant Cloud Holes Revealed
  19. Salah

    Maximinus - Rome's Giant Emperor

    I'm having one of those days:rolleyes: ... Maximinus Thrax occupies an important - and rather unattractive - place in the annals of Imperial Roman history. The so-called "Crisis of the Third Century" began with his reign in 235-238 AD. Though he was not the first Augustus to owe his position...
  20. corrocamino

    Giant "intelligence" squid

    The left hand knows not what the right hand is doing, never mind all those in between: