1. P

    A new Halloween and Stonehenge Theory

    A new Halloween and Stonehenge Theory ?
  2. B

    Why the Orientation of Pyramids Correlates to Ice Ages

    The correlation between the orientation of about 300 (ancient) structures spread around the world and the last four glaciations is so compelling that it in fact proves the true age of ancient structures. Forget about 10,000 years BC, think in terms of 110,000 years, and 240,000 years, and...
  3. B

    Mathematical Codes Encrypted in the Pyramids of Giza

    Many people are aware of the many mathematical codes that are 'encrypted' in the Pyramids of Giza. For example the ratio between half the basis (which has then a value of 1) of the pyramid and the height is equal to √φ, while the hypotenuse equals φ itself. There are many more...
  4. Caracalla

    Was the Great Pyramid of Giza Built By Slaves Or Volunteers?

    I have heard of two theories concerning the building of the great pyramid: 1. It was built by slaves 2. It was built by volunteers Khufu is known as a cruel and ruthless pharaoh, and a merciless tyrant. That sounds like the perfect person to oversee the building of the largest pyramid ever...
  5. Commander


    Can you believe that you are allowed to get that close to some of the most magnificent structures in the history of the world. The video gives you a little more of an idea on how massive the pyramids really are. And what an amazing feat it was to build them...