1. The Alchemist

    Glorification of revenge in the movies

    From 'The Godfather' to 'The Equalizer', Hollywood has been glorifying revenge and violence that goes with it for decades now. Revenge flicks are the staple of Hollywood repertoire. I wonder why no one holds Hollywood responsible for glorifying revenge and violence.
  2. holoow

    Does the glorification of Latvian Waffen SS Legion mean the glorification of Nazism?

    Brodsky: Latvia's second coming - Times Union
  3. caldrail

    Elitsim And Post Glorification

    The other night I was watching television and a trailer popped for a new series on a history channel. Something about 'black ops' in the previous ages. They singled out Vikings, declaring them to be among the original special forces and so on. I know there's a few military enthusiasts on this...