1. Pectoral with Goddess Nut (Nuit)

    Pectoral with Goddess Nut (Nuit)

    Pectoral with Goddess Nut (Nuit) Ancient Egypt History
  2. N

    Is this Greek goddess statue fake?

    Hey, I was visiting the museum and I just noticed this statue looks kinda wrong. In description they introduced her aphrodite but I've seen enough statues to say she is NOT aphrodite. I mean look at her. The head is the head Athena and her dress is the exact same dress Hera has. Aphrodite's...
  3. Tammuz

    The Indian goddess Sarasvati

    The goddess's name originally referred to a river in northwestern India, on the banks of which the mythology and doctrine of the Veda, the Hindu collection of ´sacred´ texts, was initially developed. The river was identified with Sarasvati ("the Flowing"), at this stage a goddess of water and...
  4. Tammuz

    The Persian goddess Anahita

    The goddess Anahita is the Persian equivalent of the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar, the Arabic goddess Allat and the Greek goddesses Artemis and Pallas Athena as well as (less often) Aphrodite. She can partially be traced back to the Elamite Anahiti, who was modelled, like Allat, on Ishtar (see...
  5. JaddHaidar

    Ancient Arabian goddess al-Uzza

    From what we know of the pre-Islamic Arabian pantheon, al-Uzza was the youngest among the three chief goddesses of Mecca and later came to be identified with the Roman Venus and the Egyptian Isis. She's briefly mentioned in the Sura 53 of the Quran, and Ibn al-Kalbi who wrote the "Book of Idols"...
  6. Tammuz

    Goddess Isis as model for Virgin Mary

    Good witnesses for the origin of Marian devotion from polytheistic cults are early Christian church fathers like Epiphanius and Anastasius, who opposed the Marian devotion, exactly because it had a pagan background, but without success, since the need among the people for a replacement for the...
  7. R

    IVC and the Zhob mother goddess

    In Baluchistan there is a famous archaeological site called Zhob, where some of the most typical IVC "mother goddess" figurines have been found. Similar, earlier statuettes have been discovered at Mehrgarh and Mundigak: collectively, all these statuettes are very representative of Proto- and...
  8. K43op5

    Some neolithic goddess - Any clue most welcome

    I have from my grandpa a lot of roughly 70 idols / Mother goddess. It is a bit like a quest for me since hé died and hadn't the time to tell their story. Here are some pièces.
  9. F

    Goddesses having relationships with mortals in Greco-Roman mythology and beyond

    I'm aware of a few instances of a goddess having an affair with a mortal in Greco-Roman mythology: Aphrodite/Venus with Adonis and with Anchises, Selene with Endymion. Are there more? What about Norse mythology?
  10. G

    Any instances of a male devotee loving a Hindu Goddess (Male Meera)

    Have often heard of Meerabai and even Andal who both loved a male God ( you could call it romantic love or devotional love whichever way you see it) and then winning the God's affection at the end. But are there any instances or accounts of a male devotee loving a Hindu Goddess romantically...
  11. unity

    Buryat worship of the Russian Czar as White Tara Goddess

    The Buryats identified the Russian Czar as the Lamaist Buddhist "White Tara" Goddess, and worshipped him as their god. Journal of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society for the Year ... - Google Books Journal of the North-China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society - Google Books Today...
  12. Clemmie

    Atete, Goddess of the Oromo People in southern Ethiopia

    The following article is 5 years old but I thought that perhaps some of you may not have seen it. https://www.academia.edu/9745568/Atete_Goddess_of_the_Oromo_People_in_southern_Ethiopia
  13. C

    Artio - The Celtic Bear Goddess

    The Celtic (and Gallo-Roman) Bear Goddess: ARTIO ? The Bear Goddess | balkancelts
  14. C

    CATUBODUA - Goddess of Death

    The Celtic Goddess of Death and Battle:
  15. R

    Goddess Jesus

    Gods have many names depending on civilization. Poseidon was sea/war god with trident Phenix, sunbird is sometimes invisible flying overhead. Asherah is goddess of tree of life Nehushtan = snake pole = asherah pole = tree of life = menorah I guess trident look like menorah too So some cult...
  16. V

    Possible cult from IVC and its continuation into the historical periods.

    These are two pics of IVC figurines dubbed as "Mother Goddesses".Keep an eye on their "crown". Now this same exact headdress occurs in Sunga sculptures dubbed as "Yakshinis".See the red circle.Also notice the "belt" in the waist,same as in the IVC figurines. There are Mauryan and...
  17. C

    EPONA - The Horse Goddess

    The Celtic (and Romano-Celtic) horse Goddess - Epona: EPONA
  18. Clemmie

    Mummified kitten served as Egyptian offering to goddess

    Mummified kitten served as Egyptian offering - Technology & science - Science - LiveScience - msnbc.com

    Yemaya: goddess of the sea

    For the Black friends here, that may be offended once by Pinguin heated debate, particularly against Afrocentrists. This is about the cult of Yemaya, a popular belief in countries like Cuba, Puerto Rico and Brazil, that have large Black populations, but also in Uruguay. Yemaya is the goddess...