1. wigglywaffles

    Old gods of South East Asia

    So what gods did the people of South East Asia worship before the arrival of Buddhism? Like for example in Vietnam, Thailand or Burma?
  2. holoow

    Are all Gods anthropomorphic?

    While anthropomorphism more common in primitive religions, Gods in 'higher' religions also have anthropomorphic traits. Why God needs any father ( or son )? Why Gods never act beyond human feelings and emotions? For example goddess Kali feel the wrath etc. Isn't it strange to believe in loving...
  3. L

    How did the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks worship their Gods?

    As far as Egypt was concerned I know the priests performed rituals in the temples to keep Maat and the commoners would do something outside the temple walls, and the commoners just had a small shrine inside their houses; but how did they pray and worship? This isn't just for the Egyptians btw...
  4. R

    Did the Mycenaean Greeks borrow their goddesses from other peoples?

    It is suspected that the female pantheon worshipped by the Mycenaeans...an Indo-European people...included mostly foreign, pre-Indoeuropean deities which had been borrowed from other ethnic groups, primarily Minoans and Pelasgians. Such is the case, for example, with the goddess "Potnia"...
  5. R

    The best loved Greek gods

    In your opinion, which of the gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon were most venerated and loved by the average man, woman or child? Was more piety and fervour displayed in public cults, or private?
  6. A

    First Name of Gods' Mother

    What's the first name of all Gods' Mother? Surely, it is not the name of ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis who speaks using invaders' language: I sis (I am your sister). Even if we have 'oasis' thanks to her and she plays her 'sistrum', she's still the mother of one god only, being the prototype...
  7. H

    How did ancient Greeks believe in their gods?

    I'm not a historian, but a student of literature. I hit on this topic in another thread and I thought I'd get more responses if I posted it as a separate thread. This may be a silly question from a non-expert, but I've always wondered exactly how the ancient Greeks believed in their gods. In...
  8. Kuroda Kanbei

    Roman Sassanid war: War of the three gods or witnesses of a world in crisis

    I finally decided to delve into the Roman Sassanid wars and relation a little more with books like Rise and fall of the Sassanid empire and Rome and Persia, neighbors and rivals. But the period i'm most interested in is their final war and subsequent eclipse by the Arabs and Islam. Two books...
  9. S

    Why Are Indian Gods Blue

  10. King Arthur

    Possible of historicity of Ancient Gods?

    Don't know what went on in the title, "Possibility of historicity" was what I intended to write. Is it possible the Graeco-Roman Gods existed? What about the Norse ones? The humanoid ones, not the Animistic ones like Day and Earth and the Moon, obviously. The Ese and Wen. Is it possible these...
  11. M

    God(s), Empires and Shifting Trade Routes

    I recently published my first book, God(s), Empires and Shifting Trade Routes, which seeks to provide a concise world history. I have precisely 184 pages of main text, and amazingly find space to include more interesting details than many College textbooks. I feel like theirs a serious lack of...
  12. VHS

    Do we make gods after ourselves?

    Even the Egyptian gods were anthropomorphic. I used to ask one professor (I know him as a freethinker) if god made people, what made god. He just said "men did". Indeed, we have made countless gods after ourselves, and often enough, these gods are not much better than Abh in the Seikai series...
  13. CoolioTree

    Ancient Greek dynasties and the blood of gods

    Did any Greek dynasties and/or kings claim descent from a god? What are the stories behind these claims? I hope I'm not :deadhorse: Thanks
  14. T

    Ancient world Gods

    Basically been wondering whether outwith the normal religions such as Christianity etc whether there are people who still worship/have a belief in the old Gods e.g. the Greek gods, roman gods, norse gods etc
  15. P

    Ancient Gods

    Forgive if this is already discussed, but I can't seem to find it. Would Anu be considered the oldest god, or just the first established god? If not who or what would be considered the oldest. Who is the god with the horns that is depicted as having dominion over beasts in cave art, and does...
  16. P

    city of the gods (Teotihuacan) - History Documentary

    city of the gods (Teotihuacan) - History Documentary Mod edit: Video removed
  17. G

    The top 10 most popularly worshipped Gods of Hindu faith

    If a ranking was to be done on the top ten Gods of the Hindu faith where each person had to choose just one deity as their favoured (almost all Hindus worship many Gods but have one deity whom they have special belief in) which would be the top 10 in your opinion? Any deities who are not...
  18. Basileios Demetriades

    Words with a special meaning: ΜΗΤΡΙΑΖΩ, ΜΗΤΡΙΖΩ, ΜΗΤΡ&#

    Words with a special meaning: ΜΗΤΡΙΑΖΩ, ΜΗΤΡΙΖΩ, ΜΗΤΡΙΣ From Liddell Scott μητρ-ῐάζω, worship the Mother of the gods, Poll.3.11. μητρίζω, to be possessed by the Mother of the gods, Iamb.Myst.3.9, 10. μητρίς (sc. γῆ), ίδος, ἡ, one's mother country (cf. πατρίς), Cret. word in Pl.R.575d...
  19. O

    De-railing the 'Chariots of the Gods'

    I would like to pass on some ideas, some of which are (I believe!) my own and some I have learnt from others. I am not an academic so please try to not expect me to debate like one. My efforts are not perfect, my knowledge is scant and I do not have all the answers. My ideas are not all...
  20. Cretan Bull

    Demi Gods in ancient literature

    Hi - can anyone think of a demigod(dess) in ancient literature whose divine parent was a goddess, not a god? The only one I can think of is Achilles, and Thetis is as often referred to as a nymph as a "proper" goddess. Just struck me as a singular disparity, any thoughts welcome!