1. waitwhat

    Mining in ancient ages

    Hello everyone, I'm new in this forum. I have finally found a platform to talk history with people! In this thread I want to ask some questions about mining and providing and crafting of metals & stones in general in ancient ages. I'm not sure if "ancient ages" is an unclear term, I'm simply...
  2. A

    Connection between Mycenaean crowns and gold 'druid hats' from Germany?

    These ceremonial gold hats date from c.1400 to c.900 BC. Three were found in western/southern Germany (one possibly in Switzerland), and one in western France: 

Researchers have found that the ornaments on the Berlin Gold Hat contain mathematical codes with an...
  3. B

    Treaty of London and Field of Cloth of Gold seem very modern

    Interesting events in 1518 and 1520. Apparently Cardinal Wolsey was the driving force behind both. He and Henry VIII deserve a lot of credit. Henry VIII's reputation was effected by his marriages and executions and Wolsey's by all the dirt presented at his treason trial to discredit him and the...
  4. BloodyPirate

    How much gold did the Spaniards take from South America?

    They are still mining Gold in various parts of Central and South America. What is the estimated amount?
  5. holoow

    Nationalization of gold

    Was US nationalization of gold (1933) against Constitution?
  6. grey fox

    Did FDR order all Americans to sell their gold to the government?

    I have an octogenarian uncle who told me that Franklin Delano Roosevelt ordered all Americans to take all their gold to the nearest bank and sell the gold to the bank (or one could call it selling the gold to the government, if one takes a broad view) for $20 per ounce. The gold was then...
  7. R

    Nubian Gold: Ancient Masterpiece Jewelry

    "The fabled land of Nubia, whose very name means 'gold,' was famous in ancient times for its supplies of precious metal, exotic material, and intricate craftsmanship. Many of the adornments made in Nubia are masterpieces of the jeweler's art-marvels of design and construction rivaling, and...
  8. B

    How much gold and silver did the Spanish actually take in the conquest

    How much did they take from the Incas and Aztecs, as opposed to what was mined later on? Also, I understand they melted down all the objects, as they considered them Pagan and the art did not have value beyond gold and silver content at the time. I am interested in what proportion of...
  9. B

    The biggest gold and silver heist in history

    It happened in 106 AD during Trajan's conquest of Dacia. King Decebalus of Dacia ruled over a rich in gold kingdom. His army was in the vicinity of 250000 warriors - dacians,getae,scythians. The gold mines of Dacia served as a financing bank for Decebalus' wars and intrusions in roman territory...
  10. S

    Gold and silver Talents

    What was the difference between a Gold and a silver Talent? I mean an Attic talent was about 26 kg of silver an equivalent of 6,000 drachmas. 1 gold Talent had the same value?
  11. T

    How to prevent Britain from returning to Gold Standard in 1925

    In 1925, Winston Churchill decided to return to prewar Gold Standard, thus crippling British export industries ans caused mass unemployment. Now, who should be the Chancellor instead of Churchill to prevent this from happening? McKenna, or Neville Chamberlain, or Lloyd George, someone who as...
  12. dlnewhouse

    Gold reserves of the Roman Republic

    I watched Rome and there was a term for the Republic's gold reserves. Does anyone remember what it was?
  13. Gudas

    Scythian Gold dispute!

    Museums of Crimea rented ancient Scythian treasures for exhibition to Germany. Then the treasures traveled to Amsterdam for exhibition. It's a common practice to rent art treasures of the world for exhibition in various cities and countries. In 2014 Russia annexed Crimea while Scythian treasures...
  14. Azad67

    Inside the Quest to Save Afghanistan’s Bactrian Gold

    Inside the Quest to Save Afghanistan?s Bactrian Gold
  15. Clemmie

    Asante Gold regalia

    Saw this on facebook this morning. Thought I'd share it. British Museum - Asante Gold Regalia in the British Museum collection
  16. LatinoEuropa

    Discovered Portuguese ship laden with gold.

    O Bom Jesus" afundou-se há 500 anos e foi agora descoberto na Namíbia por mineiros que procuravam diamantes. O tesouro encontrado está avaliado em mais de 11 milhões de euros. O local onde o navio português foi encontrado, em Oranjemund, no deserto da Namíbia, era designado pelos marinheiros...
  17. Romanianboy2013

    Did american gold medal olympic Jessie Owens shake hands with Hitler?

    Jessie Owens was an american track and field athlete and four time olympic gold medalist in1936 Olympic Games in Germany. Jessie Owens claims that after the victory he was introduced to Hitler and shake hands with him, Hitler giving him also a photograph of himself.This was never filmed or...
  18. R

    Nazi gold train

    What do you think the Nazi "gold" train in Poland contains? Gold? Art? Or sadly, as i suspect, the remains of POW's and/ or slave labour victims. I think the train being in soviet territory for so long makes it extremely unlikely to still contain anything valuable. My apologies for the morbid...
  19. Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Leeds Anglo saxon gold hoard to go on display

    From the BBC News Leeds' Anglo Saxon gold hoard to go on display - BBC News Seven objects including four rings, which date between the seventh to 11th Centuries, were discovered in separate searches in 2008 and 2009. The exact location of where the gold was discovered was never disclosed.
  20. EmperorTigerstar

    Gold, Glory, and God

    The motivations of God, glory, and gold were the three G's taught in school on why the Spanish explored and colonized the new world. However these three motivations work for all of history in a sense. Which one do you think was the most common?