1. gordopolis

    The Gothic War 376-382

    A short outline of events after the Goths' entry into the ERE in 376 AD: Timeline of the Gothic War - Gordon Doherty - Writer Some say this struggle was the catalyst for the Western Empire's fall. There is a plausible chain reaction theory to back that up (autonomous Goths living in empire...
  2. J

    Why were the huge gothic Cathedrals so cheaper in a comparison with Baroqe? (video)

    kVKc7Cqao-M Huge baroque cathedrals were extremly expensive to build. One of the best example is the St Paul's Cathedral of London. What did the Gothic cathedrals make so cheaper in a comparison with Baroque?
  3. T

    Massacre of the Gothic Foederati's Families (408)

    After the assassination of Stilicho in 408 the emperor Honorius ordered the death of his Gothic foederati's families out of paranoia. This idiotic plan naturally had the effect of causing the Gothic soldiers to go over to Alaric's forces. I have several questions concerning this event and its...
  4. U

    Gothic vs Milanese Plate Armor

    What is your opinion on what armor was better? Which armor do you think looks better?
  5. Earl_of_Rochester

    Favourite gothic art?

    I've always liked Gustave Doré. His paintings aren't something I'd have in my house, but I do like his use of dark and dingy shadow and light. They're ideal storybook pictures:
  6. G

    Why did the Gothic language disappear?

    Why did the Gothic language disappear? More broadly, how come every other language within the east germanic family has ceased to exist?
  7. Valens

    Justinian restoring the Western Empire following Gothic wars?

    It has occurred to me that Justinian could restore the Western Empire following Eastern Empire's victories in Italy and Northern Africa. Perhaps it would have been better for Justinian to restore the Western Empire and appoint one of his family members as Western Augustus ruling over recently...
  8. A

    Hungarian gothic altarpiece

    I saw this painting in the Hungarian national gallery in Budapest: St. Mary Magdalen altarpiece from Berki, painted in 1480. Here I attached a picture of the whole altarpiece and a detail. Now focus on the detail: what do you think it means ? I was surprised to see this kind of scenes...
  9. M

    Gothic cavalry-Did Medieval Knight tactics originate from them?

    Title: (note: I am well aware horses don't collide into solid objects, I am just talking about lance tactics) Did the Knight tactics used by the Franks and later by Europe originate from the Goths and their Sarmatian allies? Or were they simply invented by the Franks? Although Goths were...
  10. A

    Armenian architecture and possible influence to the Gothic style

    There is an already topic about Armenian architecture , what i am researching is the possible influence to the western gothic style. So anyone who has studied deeper the subject is wellcome for explaining more and...
  11. benkernow

    Tell me about Prague History

    I'm going to Prague on holiday in april mainly because of it's history and architecture. The problem (a very very samll problem) is I don't know much about prague's history so I thought why not ask someone! So apart from knowing ot was part of the Holy Roman Empire, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire...
  12. gordopolis

    Gothic gods?

    Hi, Just wondering if someone can advise/point me in the direction of the gods the Goths (Ostrogoths and Visigoths) of the 3rd, 4th and 5th century worshipped. I realise they were transitioning into Christianity at this time, but I'm not sure what they worshipped before this. I'm writing...
  13. S

    Where to learn Gothic??

    I'm thinking about starting to learn Gothic... does anyone know a good site on the web??