1. C

    US federal government in autumn 1790

    How much of a federal government did USA have by autumn 1790? How many federal employees of judiciary, executive, treasury, post office? Washington left the White House in capital New York in end of August, and apparently took almost three months of vacation (September, October, November) at...
  2. JaddHaidar

    Kurdish and Syrian government cooperation: A new phase?

    The only two factions that we can say are "winning" in the 7-years long Syrian civil war are the Syrian government and the US backed-Rojava, the de-facto autonomous state of Syria's Kurds. The Rojava's plans (in their words) are to continue being a part of a decentralized Syria with either...
  3. RidiculousName

    The United States Post-Revolutionary Conditions

    It seems very rare that countries with newly-won independence don't have an incredibly difficult time with bad governments and horrible conditions etc. I think the USA might be the only revolution I've heard about where the immediate aftermath wasn't near-complete devastation and governmental...
  4. R

    Why does the West think it is wrong for the government to try to regulate morality?

    Why does the West think that it is wrong for the government to regulate morality? If you look at Confucian moral philosophy it clearly think otherwise and it thinks that the government should have a hand in promoting good moral order among its citizens, and that government should use the force...
  5. J

    The South's relationship with the federal government

    Prompt: Explore and explain the South’s relationship with the Federal government from the Progressive Era to the present day, addressing social, political, and economic aspects of this relationship.
  6. R

    Government Assisgnment Help

    Hello, I have a research paper to write for my American Government & Politics class and the subject is really vague. I was hoping someone could offer me advice or any opinions. The paper says: For the research paper, each student will contrast the philosophy of judicial restraint to the...
  7. NordicDemosthenes

    Representational politics in Asia

    My primary interest is ancient European History, as can probably be guessed from my avatar, but I've lately been thinking (also, partially fishing for information for an eventual thesis :cool:) a lot about to which degree representative government is a uniquely western phenomenon or not. I've...
  8. Divinespark

    In Favor of Government - The Corporatism of the Progressive Era

    So I am furthering my research into the theme of the Progressive Era and a certain book has caught my attention. Gabriel Kolko's Triumph of Conservatism: A Reinterpretation of American History, 1900-1916 so far is a fascinating interpretation on the corporatist experience in early...
  9. Jake10

    Why is the Ontario government picking on little farmers?

    So, some people here like to drink fresh milk right from cows. One farmer set up a co-op so they could do it, but he's been arrested, fined and harassed to no end. The government has spent all sorts of money to prevent this, but why can't people drink fresh milk from cows if they want to...
  10. F

    Government Has Satellite Proof of Walls of Jericho

    The archaeological community is abuzz tonite after it was revealed that there was satellite photo-evidence of the Walls of Jericho....of biblical history. They had the photo for decades, that shows a massive (thick and tall) underground structure around this ancient site that was twice built...
  11. C

    What American Indian Tribes did the US government have good relations with?

    In American history, we usually hear about the sad times in its history how the Native Americans suffered from some of the policies the US had carried out, such as the Trail of Tears or side effects of Manifest Destiny. We know that some tribes had relations so bad that armed conflict occured...
  12. grey fox

    Did FDR order all Americans to sell their gold to the government?

    I have an octogenarian uncle who told me that Franklin Delano Roosevelt ordered all Americans to take all their gold to the nearest bank and sell the gold to the bank (or one could call it selling the gold to the government, if one takes a broad view) for $20 per ounce. The gold was then...
  13. F

    Southern Song government in exile in Taiwan

    Suppose Song regime was as shrewd as Kuomintang regime was when its situation in China Proper was getting worse and worse, what would be the maximum Song population, personnel, and treasure evacuated to Taiwan? Could Taiwan and Japan form a defensive alliance against Mongols?
  14. RidiculousName

    Government by Merit

    Several teams of a nation's leading minds create tests every four years in mathematics, engineering, logical, political, economic, environmental, military, computer science, and legal subjects. Anyone can try them, and it's essentially impossible to get a perfect score. Though, it would be...
  15. F

    Historically, was trade controlled by the government?

    For example, in ancient Egypt, did the government own and trade their exports? Or was it private businessmen and women? Same question for Rome, Persia, etc. Obviously, the governments at the very least taxed the trade. What about the silk, porcelain, and tea coming out of China? Was that...
  16. sailorsam

    Shame! Examples of Military poorly served by government

    thoughts on times when soldiers and sailors were poorly supported by their (civilian) overseers. (not talking about tactical blunders like Light Brigade) Continental Congress / Colonial Army: Valley Forge / Fort Necessity. the continental army was eating scraps and dressed in rags while...
  17. JoanOfArc007

    The British Government and Jihad

    In 1900 Mizra Ghulam Ahmed, the founder of the Ahmadiyya movement offered his take on Jihad...suggesting the nature of Jihad is to strive with the pen and that traditional Jihad preached self defense. The author points to the peaceful nature of the Islamic faith and explains that Muslims...
  18. F

    The Play-actors in American-World Government

    Folks, it's being reported today (June 17. 2017) that North Korea has taken a Russian yacht hostage, or the yacht was somehow secured by the NK Government, the details are still sketchy. But let's take a look behind the scenes because, one HAS to ask, WTF is Kim Jung Un doing?? Please allow me...
  19. AlpinLuke

    Coalition or minority government ...

    The last elections in UK have generated a situation in which no party has got the majority in the parliament. In Italy for us this is normal, so that our country has always seen governments sustained by a coalition. The minority government with external support in Italy is a rarity. Not...
  20. S

    Parliamentary vs Presidential government

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