1. civfanatic

    How did European governments control colonial governors before modern technology?

    What exactly prevented the governor of a distant territory - say, the Spanish Governor-General of the Philippines during the 16th or 17th century - from simply usurping power and ruling the colony as if it were his own personal fiefdom, similar to what Muhammad Ali Pasha did in Ottoman Egypt in...
  2. R

    The best governments of ancient Greece

    The ancient Hellenes, over the centuries, experienced many different forms of government: absolute monarchy, limited monarchy, aristocratic rule, oligarchy, tyranny (in the original, non-pejorative sense of the word), democracy, even utopian communism (the Platonic experiment in Syracuse). All...
  3. Jake10

    Should governments build more public housing?

    Should more public housing projects be added to the ones that already exist? Why/Why not?
  4. F

    Why are less democratic governments more loved by their own citizens?

    If you are a known critic of -- the Chinese government, you will be hated by 80-90% of the Chinese; the Russian government, you will be hated by 70-80% of the Russians; the British / American governments, you will be hated by 30-50% of the Brits /Americans
  5. weezer17

    Whig/Tory ties to colonial governments

    Hi! Did colonial American governments have any ties to British political parties, or were they so small and community-focused that colonial governments were non-partisan? Obviously governors were partisan as they were appointed, but I'm talking about legislative representatives. Thanks for any...
  6. Waterloofinalsolution


  7. F

    Why don't conspiracy theorists question religions as hard as they do governments?

    Some conspiracy theorists are members of organized religion. Doesn't every religion have a big big "official story" to tell?
  8. Lawnmowerman

    What were the British Governments plans if the Germans successfully invaded???

    We have all seen the famous "Keep calm and carry on." posters from WWII Britain. Most people don't realise that these were never actually used, because they were designed to be used only if the Germans successfully invaded. I am sure there were other plans in place as well. What were...
  9. Henrique Aguiar

    Are the Current European Governments Anti-Democratic?

    Most British perceive the danger, however, the British Government just ignore their opinion... Not only the British, but most Europeans perceive the danger ... Despite most Europeans having had an unfavorable opinion on immigration, the current governments seem oblivious to the opinion of...
  10. JM1906

    How can't ecology & sustainable economy be the top issue to the world's governments?

    How can't ecology & sustainable economy be the top issue to the world's governments? How can't ecology and sustainable economy be the top issue to the world's governments? It's a simple question witch I can't find an answer besides the interests of the big resource exploring companies...
  11. A

    Why do non-historians know so little about the mass-killings of ancient governments

    Ask anybody on the street what the worst government in history was and most people would say Hitler's Germany or Stalin's Russia. While those were certainly examples of terrible governments, some of the mass-murder and genocides committed by ancient governments were truly astonishing. In the...
  12. D

    Foreign governments who sent emissaries to learn from industrial Europe?

    Hello, I'm a journalist looking to include some historical information in an article I'm preparing today. I am hoping to find examples of foreign governments sending emissaries (before 'industrial espionage was a thing) to Europe in order to learn and adapt its scientific, policy, cultural...
  13. Naima

    Any Example of Democracy or Republic governments in ancient Asian nations?

    Was there any ancient or medieval asian nation , region or the like that developed a similar government to a Greek Democracy or a Republic ?
  14. Naomasa298

    Governments fear change

    I have a theory that what governments of any kind fear the most is change. Whether that is social, economic, political, technological change, governments dislike it. The problem with change is that governments don't know how to handle it. Their reaction to change is to ban it, regulate it, or...
  15. P

    governments role next market crash?

    The total cost of TARP to taxpayers was $356.2 billion. Here are some of the organizations receiving government bailouts: AIG $69.8 Billion; Auto Financing GM $50 billion; Chrysler $12 billion; Capitol purchasing programs (banks) $204.7(paid back $96.2); Consumer Loan business Initiative $27.4...
  16. Edmond Dantes

    Should governments be forced to create a balanced budget?

    When I do a budget, (a truly shocking habit I know) I am forced to choose what I spend my finite resources on. If I end up in the read by the end of the month, I need to recalculate what I spend. Shouldn't the government have to do the same? Do you think it would be positive or plausible to...
  17. S

    How high was the morale of non-Soviet Warsaw Pact states' armies and governments?

    Especially in the late 80's? Does anyone with any relevant expertise know the general mood of the armies during the time? Is there documentation of any concerns from high ranking Soviet military officers, or of their Warsaw Pact counterparts, as to the reliability of Warsaw Pact allies in the...
  18. Naomasa298

    Should governments provide subsidies?

    There are certain things that governments provide subsidies for that cannot raise enough revenue for themselves. I'm not talking about essential services, but non-essentials such as museums, plays, certain charities and so forth. But should it be the business of government to fund these things...
  19. Naomasa298

    How governments can change behaviour

    Governments would dearly love to change the behaviour of the population so that they are easier to govern, less troublesome and more law abiding. On occasion, these efforts are successful. One of the most visible examples of this in the UK is drink-driving. It is not socially acceptable to...
  20. bartieboy

    Current governments in exile

    Do you happen to know a government that is currently in exile? recognized by the majority of nations or not. Like Belarus? (by the way, why does it still have a government in exile?)