1. Hessian Historian

    Graduate student tuition waivers threatened by Congress

    MOD Edit: Redacted
  2. MughalMuse

    Career Guidance Pursuing graduate work in both history and fitness

    I'm 25 years old and regret not doing what was really important to me: Learning more about history and fitness, and using acting and writing as a medium to share the importance of these things. I'm all over the place in terms of next steps (even got interested in the trades so I could reach...
  3. P

    James McCune Smith first ex-slave to graduate

    James McCune Smith the very first Afro-American ex- slave to gain three university degrees is being celebrated just now by his former Alma Mater-Scotland's University of Glasgow where he passed Bachelor/Masters and Doctorate degrees in the 1830's is being celebrated by Glasgow university...
  4. VHS

    Academic Guidance My failed shoots for graduate studies

    Perhaps undergraduate degree (Bachelor's degree) was the furthest I could get at that point, but I don't have much regret about these. Lessons? I could share one or two: 1) Learn to focus! Graduate studies often require focused, dedicated attention to one specific area of study. 2)...
  5. E

    Academic Guidance Any graduate students or phd's here?

    Hello, are there any graduate students (master or doctorate) or phd's here interested to (cross-culturally) exchange ideas and opinions on each other's theses? Currently, I'm writing my master's thesis and I'm preparing a dissertation proposal for future phd applications. I have some colleagues...
  6. anmol

    Career Guidance I am an Engineering Graduate - What type of work I can get in Archeology

    I have been interested in Indus Valley Civilization since I have been a Kid- But now as I have graduated as an engineer - Is there any prospect for an Engineer to work in Archeology - How can I do so
  7. D

    Career Guidance The College Graduate and a Job

    I just recently graduated with a major in history. Now I need to find a job and I will take whatever I can get. What is everyone's success at finding a job and having a bachelor's degree in history?
  8. D

    Academic Guidance The Graduate School (MA)

    Does anyone have any experience going to an out of state university for an MA? If so what exactly do I need to know to prepare for it and make it work while being financially stable? Do grad students usually have jobs or do they not have time for a job due to the grad work?
  9. D

    Academic Guidance Undergraduate to Graduate and the Career

    I am about to graduate with a Bachelor's in History and I'm unsure of what to do next. I could do the basic route and acquire a job somewhere but I'm still looking. What kind of career do people with a Bachelors in history find? I'm not even sure where to look but I won't regret majoring in...
  10. Galather

    Academic Guidance Best graduate schools for Classical Archaeology

    I have been doing some research on this subject, however, I cannot come to a decision on which university I should go to. I would like to go to Europe and do my studies there. Reason being is because I would like to be relatively close to what I am studying, I think this might reveal a better...
  11. snailsarequiet

    Graduate degree in History ?

    New to this forum. Currently I'm simply a devotee of History, but am considering going back to school ( I'm 41 ) for a Graduate degree in History. If there are any "pros" here , I would like to hear from you about the + and - of History as an occupation in whatever capacity. I hear from the...
  12. Kirialax

    Graduate study in history in the UK

    For those who have a graduate degree(s) or are currently pursuing them, what is the average time to the PhD in the UK? The M/Phil that I am looking at looks to be 21 months, but there is little information on how they expect you to work on the PhD. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  13. Robert165

    History, graduate school

    Could some forum members please tell me a little of what I could expect if I were to go to graduate school for History? Whats the workload like, how does the difficulty of classes compare to undergraduate classes, what will my research papers and topics be like? I have a bit of a self confidence...
  14. AncientDigger

    Academic Guidance Best Graduate Schools For European Medieval Archaeology

    I tried to get this question answered in another forum, however my question wasn't answered. I am looking for the best graduate programs for Medieval studies and I'd like to complete my education in Europe so I'm close to the sites I want to investigate. Does anyone know first hand about the...