1. Tokugawa Ieyasu

    The Battle of Agincourt's "Japanese version" — Shimazu Iehisa greater than Henry V !?

    The Battle of Agincourt's "Japanese version" — Shimazu Iehisa greater than Henry V !? Overview Kyushu (九州) was one of the most intensely-contested region embroiled with constant warfare between the major clans in the Japanese Sengoku Era. In AD 1584, the known “Fat Bear of Hizen” (肥前の熊)...
  2. Futurist

    The ideal capital for a Greater Russia

    I previously talked about the merits of moving Greater Germany's capital to Prague so that it would have a more centralized location. That said, though, here is another question for you: What do you think that the ideal capital for a Greater Russia would have been? I'm asking this question...
  3. B

    Who was the greater commander Marlborough or Wellington?

    A better choice.
  4. G

    Greater Austria after 1918?

    What if Catholic regions of Germany became parts of Austria after WW1?: These parts of South and West Germany could be annexed by Austria:
  5. N

    Does Mt Paektu/Changbaishan have a greater symbolic importance in Korean mythology?

    It has been recently proven that in Qing dynasty annals the story of the Qing dynasty origins story in Manju i yargiyan kooli was forged and assembled from other similar creation legends. The location of their sacred mountain and lake was actually in a different location hundreds of li away...
  6. xMathFanx

    Link Between Intelligence & Viewing the World in Greater Detail

    The More Intelligent One is, the Greater Ability they Possess to View the World in Detail Consider, if this is true, how do we reconcile it with PhD Scientists who subscribe to Young Earth Creationism? If it is false, how would the ability to view the world in greater detail not be connected...
  7. Futurist

    Will overpopulation in Israel result in much greater settlement in the West Bank?

    Throughout its history, Israel has experienced a rapidly growing population (in part due to natural growth and in part due to immigration). However, over the last twenty years, Israel's total fertility rate has increased due to massively rising fertility among its Jewish population. In...
  8. Naima

    The greater plan of Caesar

    Plutarch of Chaeronea: Life of Julius Caesar. [58.6] He had made his plans and preparations for an expedition against the Parthians; after conquering them he proposed to march round the Black Sea by way of Hyrcania, the Caspian Sea, and the Caucasus; he would then invade Scythia, [58.7]...
  9. notgivenaway

    Caesar or Augustus, which was the greatest (or greater) Roman?

    I tend to think Caesar was. Augustus founded the Empire, or at least formalise the new constitution. But without Caesar, who was obviously his great-uncle and inheritor, there would have been no legacy to build on to create the Principate.
  10. Duke Valentino

    Philip II vs Sulla - Who was the greater leader?

    The title of the thread speaks for itself. Out of Philip II of Macedon and Sulla, who was the best overall leader? My vote goes to Philip. Kenneth W. Harl, Ph.D. [Tulane University], on a lecture about Philip and Greece: "In any event, Philip himself gets high marks and current scholarship now...
  11. JoanOfArc007

    Greater East Asia Conference(1943) and the Empire of Japan

    When one looks at the 1930s-1940s, this was a time when segregation and bigotry played a role in American, British and Japanese societies. This type of bigotry that we saw worldwide during the WW2 era may have been minimized perhaps if the racial equality proposal proposed by the Empire of...
  12. Menshevik

    Which Event(s) had a greater impact on the Middle East?

    I've often read that the Crusades are to blame for a significant amount of the disfunction we see in the Middle East today. Yet, I rarely see or hear people mention the Mongol Invasions as a serious contributing factor. What say you? Which one had the most impact? And I'm assuming that...
  13. WhatAnArtist

    At what point was Napoleon Bonaparte set on seeking greater power over France?

    His early career was certainly fascinating and often filled with his own internal conflicts over where his loyalty lay (first with the issue of Corsica vs France, and then with the revolutionaries vs autocrats). What I'm curious about and wanted to start a discussion about is at what point in...
  14. P

    Greater Pakistan (Real Pakistan)

    Pakistan is a heir of 9000 year old IVC civilization, Pakistan as Indus Valley is different from other Regions of India both Racially and Culturally. it's worth Mentioning that Pakistan got Maimed by British and Gandhi alliance in 1946/47. only Muslim Majority Districts were Divided based on...
  15. K

    Which of the had the greater long-term impact on Europe and its relations with the...

    Which of the had the greater long-term impact on Europe and its relations with the outside world, the Mongol Conquests and also the Crusades?
  16. B

    Did the Civil War lead to greater democracy?

    I have seen this claimed here, but I am not sure about it.
  17. civfanatic

    More administrative subdivisions equals greater administrative efficiency?

    Is it safe to say that, all other things being equal, a state with more administrative subdivisions will have greater administrative efficiency and be better administered than a state with fewer administrative subdivisions? The State government of the South Indian state of Telangana recently...
  18. Space Shark

    A Greater Game: An Italians-CP and Ottomans-Entente timeline

    Figured this could be posted here, in addition to the other alt-history forums i browse. This timeline is largely based on an idea that weissaul had, where, after an alternate WWI, a mostly democratic Western Europe in a proto-EU is in a cold war with Imperial Russia and its client states in...
  19. G

    Greater Berber nationalism

    Similar to the Kurds and Baloch how is the nationalism of Berbers for a greater Berber nation progressing. What are their demands and why has it not suceeded? Why is west not backing them as it would get a satellite in the region
  20. Futurist

    Greater ethnic federalization in Communist countries

    I apologize if this question was already asked before (including by me), but out of curiosity--exactly which additional countries (as in, countries other than the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia), if any, do you think would have been likely to have gotten federalized based on ethnic...