1. Maoistic

    Was the Greco-Roman phalanx superior to ancient Chinese formations and tactics?

    This is a very common claim I've found here, in Total War and other forums, that part of the reason why the Roman Empire had a superior army to the Han dynasty is that it either had Greek phalanx formations or defeated Greek phalanx formations in its conquest of Greek states, something that the...
  2. Septimius Severus

    Good resources for Greco-Roman studies

    Hi all, I'd like to delve deeper into the Antiquity, i.e. the culture, history, society, religion etc. or basically the entire Greco-Roman world, as well as Carthage, the Etruscans and other related civilizations if possible. Do you know about any good bibliography and or internet resources...
  3. God Emperor

    Boundaries of the Greco-Roman civilization

    Hi, let's discuss which should be the boundaries of the Greco-Roman civilization based on old empires. This is the best one I've found so far. I would also add the more territories in India from the Indo-Greek kingdom. The areas north of Danube occupied by Marcus Aurelius and Commodus are...
  4. F

    Places in Greco-Roman world with alternative names

    Including historical, mythical, and poetic names. My list -- Aegyptus: Aeria Attica: Mopsopia Britannia: Albion Constantinopolis: Byzantium Corsica: Cyrnus Etruria: Tyrrhenia Hellas: Graecia Padus: Eridanus Peloponnesus: Apia / Pelasgia Roma: Pallantium / Remora / Valentia Sardinia: Ichnusa...
  5. B

    Chinese historiography as compared to Greco-Roman historiography

    Hi all, This thread is to compare the ancient Chinese historiography to the ancient Greco-Roman historiography in terms of: 1.) The quantity of the historical records, chronicles etc. each of them have left. 2.) The quality of their records, their nature and style. I look forward to the...
  6. F

    Goddesses having relationships with mortals in Greco-Roman mythology and beyond

    I'm aware of a few instances of a goddess having an affair with a mortal in Greco-Roman mythology: Aphrodite/Venus with Adonis and with Anchises, Selene with Endymion. Are there more? What about Norse mythology?
  7. jrbartlett

    Last practitioners of traditional Greco-Roman gods/goddesses

    As title says, I'm curious how far into late antiquity individuals or groups of people still practiced the traditional gods/goddesses. Particularly interested in the Western regions of Europe of the former Western Roman Empire. I know that after about 400Ad, for all intents and purposes...
  8. cachibatches

    Women Doctors Were Common In the Greco-Roman World

    I googled the subject and found a good paper written on it. I have no idea about the credentials of the man who wrote it, but it appears to be very well sourced and cited: Women physicians in Greece, Rome, and the Byzantine Empire | Holt Parker - The gist of it is that: 1) There...
  9. Archa

    Greco-Roman armour and 'body building'

    Forgive me for these incredibly weird questions, but I was playing Rome II another day and something just came to me: Some chest-plates featured in Greek and Roman armies are rather uhh... well defined in showing off the chest and abdominal muscles (don't know why it stood out to me suddenly...
  10. S

    Help me identify this greco-roman artwork (to be continued)

    Hello, I am very interested in art history. There is this picture I have found on the internet that really is stunning me, but I can't figure out what time period it comes from, and what origin it has, whether it's greek or roman. This is a picture of it, a sun god on some kind of disc or...
  11. Menshevik

    Incest in the Greco-Roman world

    To what extent was incest tolerated or accepted in the ancient Roman and Greek worlds? The Ptolemys practiced full sibling marriage, right? Philip II married one his nieces. Caesar was rumored to of had a sexual relationship with Octavian(please correct me if any of this is wrong). Was any of...
  12. A

    Are Etruscans part of the Greco-Roman world?

    I always come across this and yet some don't know. I have seen the complexity of Etruscan architecture before the arrival of the Greek influence. I've seen how good their army is. And yet I always wanted to know are they considered to be Greco-Roman. Dou you know of this?
  13. King Caesar I

    Greco-Roman Philosophy Recommendations

    Any of you have some recommendations of books from Greco-Roman philosophy? I already have Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and I'm interested in some more from the Greco-Roman world.
  14. Salah

    'God' in Greco-Roman Paganism

    When one thinks of pre-Christian Greek and Roman religion, the images that naturally come to mind are of a variety of distinct gods and goddesses. At various points in my studies of ancient Rome, I've come across references not to specific deities, but to 'God'. In the past, I've normally...
  15. H

    Greenland Ice Evidence of Hemispheric Lead Pollution by Greco-Roman world

    It is published in a technical journal paper The question is quite interesting indeed, is it really feasible that human activity can generate this kind of broad impact and left a footprint in Earth's geological record for civilizations in antiquity (ie. pre-modern, pre-industrial)? Does the...
  16. King Caesar I

    Favorite Greco-Roman Figures

    From the historyof ancient world which Greco-Roman figures do you like the most. As for context it is any figure from Ancient Greece to the Fall of the Byzantine Empire. And yes people from Macedo and Diadochi Empires do count as Greek figures. Greek Figures. Pericles Lysander Thermistocles...
  17. arras

    Origins of Greco-Roman culture?

    Yes I know how it was working. That is why I say that republic is constructed around its social order. In capitalistic republic those who have more capital execute more power. In socialistic republic those who hold higher rank in party nomenclature execute more power. Well it is really not...
  18. F

    Modern Democracy based on English parliamental system, instead of Greco-Roman

    Modern Democracy based on English parliamental system, instead of Greco-Roman slave-holder "democracy". All European countries after the french revolution and the 1848 revolutions started/wanted to build democratic capitalism which was born in England. English parliamental and election system...
  19. P

    Changing face in Greco-Roman world as seen in 2000 years of Scarabs

    . . Changing population in Greco-Roman world as seen in 2000 years of Scarabs . .
  20. Alex III

    Favourite Greco-Roman art?

    To go along with all of the other favourite threads! Please include photos if possible. Being a fiend for anything Macedonian, I love the Derveni Krater. Here are some photo's of it, currently in the Thessaloniki Museum. Also a big fan of the Eleusis Vase/Amphore, with the famous...