1. T

    Alexander's Conquests : Historical and Hypothetical possibilities

    So far from different perspectives discussed in this forum by members, the view on Alexander the Great was not universal. Anyhow, he was the undefeated warrior king who never lost a battle , and his legacy continues to be as strong as the days of Hellenism. I tend not to compare the different...
  2. MinecraftEsportsPro

    Is Alexander the Great actually as bad as some people say he is?

    The main criticisms that I hear some people have of Alexander the Great is that his Army was already trained by Philip and that the Persians had a very weak army and incompetent leader. Of course he had a great army, and I'm sure it helped, but I don't believe all the credit should go to the...
  3. T

    What is Ecclesia?

    I read it ,and I don't know what it means? Explain to me please, because I want to know it know it please
  4. T

    Athenian Democracy

    A form of direct democracy in ancient Greece was practiced in ancient city-state of Athens for about 100 years. It was an experiment. The people really liked it. How it worked is that all adult citizens had to take an active part in government (rule by many) if called on to do so. At this time...
  5. T

    Bucharest Treaty 1913

    After the finishing of the second Balkan War Macedonia (North now) was devided between The Hellenic Kingdom (Greece now) which took the biggest part Kingdom of Serbia (Serbia now) Bulgarian Kingdom and Albania that took little part of the pie. My question is was the treaty after 100 years it was...
  6. A

    are Barmakids originally Greeks?

    Abbasid Viziers are originally from Bactria. do they have Greek origin?
  7. RidiculousName

    Why did Pompey Sail to Greece?

    Pompey had more and veteran legions in Iberia than in Greece. Why did he sail to Greece instead of Iberia? Was it purely because he would've had to abandon some of his force in Italy?
  8. Simba

    Were the Thracians the majority in Macedonia?

    This picture shows the original borders of Macedonia. When Macedonians occupied Thrace, Thracians did not just die. Quote from Strabo: ''Hecataeus of Miletus says of the Peloponnesus, that, before the time of the Greeks, it was inhabited by barbarians. Perhaps even the whole of Greece was...
  9. lukaszrzepinski

    What happened to Slavs in Greece?

    According to Byzantyne chronicles Greece was flooded by thousands of Slavs pilaging, murdering and finally settling down up to Peloponesus while local Greeks were hiding in mountains. What happened to them?
  10. J

    Ancient Greece - Motion Comic scene from POLIS: The Trial of Socrates

    Hey folks, I'm new to the forum. I've got a passion for the history of ancient Greece - especially regarding the Peloponnesian War and Socrates. So much so, that I'm writing and producing a graphic novel on the subject. Here's a motion comic version of a scene from the book: hAyWZGyF5PA This...
  11. G

    Modern Greece is part of the West

    I promised this thread yesterday, as a response to the question "is modern Greece part of the West?" When referring to Greece as a Western country, we should mostly think of the mediterranean part of the West, not England or Finland Geographically, Greece is anything but western, as it lies...
  12. TheMusicMan

    Roman Imperialisation of Greece

    What was the cause? I know Greece heavily influence Rome. Did they suffer a lot under roman rule, or prosper? Did Greece still have an army and was forced to fight for romans or armies disbanded?
  13. F

    Women in Ancient Greece

    Got an assignment from school, so was wondering why women in Athens, Rome and Sparta had such different roles. In their home, out in public, etc...
  14. I

    Organised thievery in ancient Greece?

    Does anyone know if there were criminal organisations in the poleis? Like thieves covering for eachother or like a something similar to a thieves guild? I know bandits and pirates had raid parties, but they mostly had their activities outside the city walls.
  15. I

    Poisons known in ancient Greece in the classical era.

    I only know of hemlock and snake poisons. Is there someone here who has a more detailed knowledge on this subject? The question is if there was a poison that was ingested that leaves the subject unconsience and with muscle pain if not fatal
  16. L

    Battle of Greece

    Why London don't wanted to fortify Crete? Why London began a campaign in continental Greece notwithstanding of the disaster of the campaign of France? And taking into account all the lost men and material in France and Norway.
  17. M

    500 BC: Time-Traveller teaches Ancient Greece and Persia to make Gunpowder Weapons!

    In the date, January 1st, 500 BC, a Time-Traveller goes back to the Ancient Past to teach both the Greeks and Persians how to make and use Muskets and Cannons He spends three months in each city teaching its inhabitants: -Babylon (Persia) -Athens (Greece) -Sparta (Greece) -Pasargadae...
  18. R

    The best governments of ancient Greece

    The ancient Hellenes, over the centuries, experienced many different forms of government: absolute monarchy, limited monarchy, aristocratic rule, oligarchy, tyranny (in the original, non-pejorative sense of the word), democracy, even utopian communism (the Platonic experiment in Syracuse). All...
  19. B

    I've started making historical battle animations

    I've loved history, It was my favorite subject in school but unfortunately there was never enough time in school to learn it all. recently I've found a way for me to have a reason to continue learning history and that was by sharing it. And what better way to share it than youtube right? So I've...
  20. L

    Is modern Greece a part of the 'West'?

    Classical Greece is easily the cradle of western civilization but is the Greece of today western? Does it have democracy, equal rights etc.,?