1. T

    Does one need to study Greek culture and history to fully understand the Romans?

    Simple question! I want to do an in depth study of the Romans and I know they have alot of influence from the Greeks. I am unsure of what starting point or how deep I need to dig into the Greeks to understand. Vitam Impendere Vero
  2. N

    Is this Greek goddess statue fake?

    Hey, I was visiting the museum and I just noticed this statue looks kinda wrong. In description they introduced her aphrodite but I've seen enough statues to say she is NOT aphrodite. I mean look at her. The head is the head Athena and her dress is the exact same dress Hera has. Aphrodite's...
  3. Maoistic

    Reconsidering the Greco-Persian wars

    Rather than derail my other thread on China to an unrelated event, better to make a separate thread about the Greco-Persian wars. This post is what inspired it: To start, it's not fully true that Greek cities retained their independence the fifth century. Ionia remained fully annexed to the...
  4. Kirialax

    Greek documents in southern Italy

    I did a dumb one and completely misplaced a pdf. There's a book from the second half of the nineteenth century, published in Italy but written in Latin, which contains lists and summaries of Greek documents in southern Italian archives. I downloaded it from but I can't find it there...
  5. Princess Of Manchester

    Why is there incest in Greek Myths?

    Why did the Greeks put incest in their myths?
  6. I

    the Roman Republic and Greek democracy

    Why is not the Roman Republic a democracy? Why the Greek democracy was not the republic?
  7. M

    Greek influence on Arabic

    Greek philosophy had a huge impact on Arabic and the Golden age of Islam and studying Arabic, they are many Greek loanwords. -Greek/Arabic cognates- قلم (Qalam) - κάλαμος (Kalamos) "Pen" موسيق&#1609...
  8. R

    Who was right on the Greek Turkish war?

    Were the Greeks in the right, and at the very least the Greek speaking parts of Anatolia should have gone to Greece instead of remaining part of Turkey?
  9. R

    How did grown Roman men or Greek practice pederasty

    Now if we believe that sexual orientation is permanent or that we are born with the sexual orientations that we have and that you can not will yourself to change or modify that, then how is it that it seems that a majority or vast majority of free Roman or Greek men were having sex with teen...
  10. Constantine V

    Greatest greek generals?

    Including byzantine to make it interesting.
  11. Solidaire

    Comparative evolution of Greek, Latin and Cyrillic alphabets

    Comments in another thread pointed at the similarities between those alphabets and their comparative evolution. I will include them here, to kickstart the topic.
  12. skapeti

    Macedonia: A Greek region and a country.

    Today Greece and FYROM agreed to rename the second as ''Northern Macedonia'', the citizens of the country as ''Macedonians'' and their language as ''Macedonic''. I wish to know what is your opinion. They claim that the ancient Macedonians were not Greek and they have create an entire...
  13. S

    Greek online course?

    Hi guys just another quick question? Could any of you recommend some online greek courses for me? I mean after I finish that course I can read, write, listen and speak Greek. Thank You!
  14. S

    Greek or Latin?

    Hi guys I just wonder which language is more important to Egyptology, Greek or Latin? (My focus is Dynasty Egypt).
  15. Spike117

    Greek Army under Leonidas At Hastings

    Let's say that the Greek Army that fought the Persians at Thermopylae (numbering around 7,000 with many different Greek groups involved) was at Hastings when William of Normandy attacked. For the sake of this, both sides are willing to fight (so the Greeks won't be standing there saying where...
  16. M

    Greek Bible

    We have a Greek & Hebrew copy of the OT, it's so easy to compare individual words,I find that most of the words in the Hebrew are modified Greek words. How can this be possible if Greek & Hebrew are unrelated languages? Righteous Jeremiah 12:1 - צדי&#1511...
  17. Visigoth Panzer

    Which was the Greatest Greek Empire?

    Which Greek cultured state was the greatest, Alexander's empire, the ancient Greek city-states, Macedonia (excluding Alexander the great's rule), Ptolemy Egypt, Seleucid Empire, Byzantine Empire or another? By greatest I mean being most wealthy, powerful and influential (using your own...
  18. J

    Transliterating Greek: Miletos or Miletus?

    Whether to transliterate as -us or -os is clearly a confusing matter, as I just read an academic collection of Greek plays in which the spelling bounces back and forth with no consistency. Is there a rule or generally accepted practice on this question?
  19. G

    Dixie-Confederate states Greek soldiers

    1528: Don Theodoro,officially the First Greek to have been to what is today USA, lands in Florida. 1592: Greek Captain Juan de Fuca sailed up the Pacific coast under the Spanish flag, in search of the fabled Northwest Passage between the Pacific and the Atlantic. He reported discovering a body...
  20. S

    Greek Influences on China's First Empire ?

    I was watching a doco last night on The Great Tomb, 'terracotta warriors', etc . It was postulated that the influence of Geek statuary inspired the form of the terracotta warriors, as this form seems to have appeared all of a sudden in China with no predecessor. They thought the Chinese...