1. P

    Different images of warrior peoples in Greco-Roman litterature

    In surveying the corpus of Greco-roman litterature dealing with politics and warfare, there is a consistency between them as far as rating the fighting qualities of different peoples, usually opponents of greeks and romans. For instance, european peoples like thracians, celts, germans...
  2. P

    Ethnicity as a factor in military success

    Greetings fellow avid history readers. As a new member on this forum this is my very first thread. One of my main interests is military history with a special focus on textual description of engagements between armies, spanning the whole ancient and medieval periods. One of my conclusions is...
  3. E

    Who started the Philosophy: Were the Greeks or Egyptians?

    I'm reading a book called "Stolen Legacy" by George James (I'm in the beggining), and he said, for example, that the expression "think thyself" came from the philosophy schools from the Egypt and the History (someone in) says that this sentence is from the greeks, and the New Testment were...
  4. A

    Ancient Greeks vs. Vikings

    How did the following civilizations compare on a military level? In terms of tactics, naval technology, organization, logistics, weapons, unit discipline, metallurgy, etc. Classical era Greece (Peloponnesian War) Hellenistic Greece (Diadochi wars) Vikings (Danelaw) Vikings (Canute the Great)...
  5. Polynikes

    Magna Graecia, Siracusa, And Hoplites: The Greeks of Southern Italy and their armies

    Hi all, I'm naturally very much interested by this topic, and I figured a thread was well deserved given the rich history of Magna Graecia both then and now. For this thread I'd like to specifically focus on Greek warfare in the South of Italy, their greatest heights/successes on the battlefield...
  6. P

    Are the Greeks overrated?

    It seems that Greece is a civilisation is overrated (as say, a precedent for the Renaisance) because: A: Western culture had a lot of medieval, Asian, and misc. influences that is pretends are Greek B: Greece gets too much credit for the contributions of the Romans, Italians, and the...
  7. M

    Ancient romans had fallen in love with greeks

    Ancient romans had fallen in love with green.
  8. TrueHistory77

    Why the Italians won the Greco-Italian War of 1940-41.

    From what I've understood, it was the Italians who won the Greco-Italian War of 1940-41 for the following reasons: a) the Greeks failed to defeat the Italians even though the Italians were pushed back b) the Greeks formally surrendered to General Ferrero on the 23rd April, 1941 b) it was the...
  9. J

    J.T. Hooker's The Coming of the Greeks

    I've found parts I and III of Hooker's essays, but I cannot find part II. Can anyone provide the reference? Thanks
  10. D

    Greeks, Buddhists and Hindus

    Given the many similarities found in Greek philosophy and the ideas of Hinduism and Buddhism, what are the chances that these ideas developed independently and just coincidentally proved to show the extent of human reasoning about issues concerning reality, spirituality, etc. as compared with...
  11. L

    How did the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks worship their Gods?

    As far as Egypt was concerned I know the priests performed rituals in the temples to keep Maat and the commoners would do something outside the temple walls, and the commoners just had a small shrine inside their houses; but how did they pray and worship? This isn't just for the Egyptians btw...
  12. Romaneagle

    What If the Persians Won the Persian War?

    How would the course of history be different if the Persians beat the Greeks during the Persian War? Would democracy have been so prominent? How would this impact philosophy? Would history's republics and democracies disappear?
  13. C

    Why did the Greeks name Europa after a Phoenician?

    Simple question, really, especially as Phoenicia isn't in Europe. Also, do we have any information about the physical characteristics of Europa as described in, say, the Iliad?
  14. R

    Did the Mycenaean Greeks borrow their goddesses from other peoples?

    It is suspected that the female pantheon worshipped by the Indo-European people...included mostly foreign, pre-Indoeuropean deities which had been borrowed from other ethnic groups, primarily Minoans and Pelasgians. Such is the case, for example, with the goddess "Potnia"...
  15. T

    Stefan Dušan-Emperor of the Serbs and the Greeks

    I'd like to know more about this interesting monarch. It seems he may have been the most powerful monarch in Europe during his day (along with Louis the Great of Hungary). How is he remembered in Serbia today and how did his empire impact not only Serbia, but the Balkans? How close did he come...
  16. A

    Voyages of Ancient Greeks

    How long does it take for ancient Athenians to voyage from Athens to Ionia (Persian Empire)? How long does it take for ancient Athenians to voyage from Athens to Egypt?
  17. H

    How did ancient Greeks believe in their gods?

    I'm not a historian, but a student of literature. I hit on this topic in another thread and I thought I'd get more responses if I posted it as a separate thread. This may be a silly question from a non-expert, but I've always wondered exactly how the ancient Greeks believed in their gods. In...
  18. Menshevik

    What did the rest of the Greeks think about Sparta and the Helots?

    Was Spartan enslavement of the Messenians looked down upon at the time? Were the Spartans judged harshly by their contemporaries?
  19. Robert165

    Did the Greeks really invent Democracy and Philosophy?

    Did the Greeks really invent Democracy and Philosophy? A quick browse of Google for this exact topic seems to indicate that they get credit for this, but, since you guys are the history experts I ask if you agree or disagree that the Greeks invented philosophy and democracy?
  20. RomaVictrix

    Mycenaean Greeks in Italy: did they establish the first towns and cities?

    I posted these questions today at TWC. I have to admit this is a blind spot for me. I don't know much about this at all, although I know quite a bit about Greece proper during the Mycenaean period. Were the Mycenaean Greeks the first to establish towns and cities in southern Italy? Or did such...