1. G

    Gregory the Illuminator and Hindus in Armenia

    "According to Zenob Glak, one of the first disciples of Gregory the Illuminator, the patron saint of Armenia, a Hindu colony was established in Armenia sometime around 149 B.C. Zenob wrote that the colony was established by two Indian princes who had taken refuge in Armenia.[1] They worshipped...
  2. J

    Incident in Gregory of Tours

    There's a story in Gregory of Tours' History of the Franks about two serfs who were buried alive for marrying without their lord's consent. Does anyone know where that is? Thanks,
  3. Crystal Rainbow

    Philippa Gregory

    I have heard that Philippa Gregory was just written a book about Anne Neville, called 'The King Maker's daughter' has anyone read this book? I have read her other books on the Tudor stories out of the library and they seem romantic historical dramas, and easy enough to read. I have not read any...
  4. B

    Gregory of Tours and the Gundovald affair

    Being as that I want to pursue a degree in medieval history, specifically the early medieval period, I have made it a priority this summer to read all the available translations of Gregory of Tours, Paul the Deacon, Jordanes, and Bede along with copious amounts of secondary literature to build...
  5. davu

    Mysticism - Gregory the Great

    After the threads on the Cathers then the Waldensians --- now i find this the "MYSTICISM" & Gregory the Great. what is going on here.
  6. P

    The Tudors series by Phillippa Gregory

    I'm sorry if this has already been discussed on her.... but her goes! Has anyone on here read the series of books by Phillippa Gregory regarding the Tudors? By this I mean any of the following:- - The Constant Princess - the Other Boleyn Girl - The Boleyn Inheritance - The Queen's Fool - The...