1. A

    What if Lady Jane Grey had remained Queen of England?

    What if Lady Jane Grey wasn't executed by Mary and had actually remained queen (Mary and Elizabeth never becoming queen of England). How different would England's history have been going forward?
  2. mnsr

    Painted Grey Ware - connecting archaeology with textual records and legends.

    Painted Grey Ware was an Iron Age culture that existed from 1200 BC - 600 BC. It was mainly spread over what we now call Harayana and Uttar Pradesh in India. B.B. Lal identified this with Later Vedic Period and Mahabharata. Here in this thread we will try to connect the dots between...
  3. VHS

    Saving Lady Jane Grey

    It sounds like a good alternative history movie title; now, you need to speculate. Putting Lady Jane Grey on the throne was murder in another way. Now, how might her life be saved in the first place? She might not be really that ambitious herself; rather, she was a pawn under her supporters.
  4. VHS

    Was Queen Jane Grey doomed from the beginning?

    She might be one of the best educated women of the time; still, the timing and her weak support doomed her. Did King Edward VI unwittingly doom her by naming her the successor? Or England might be better off if the throne went to Elizabeth directly?
  5. tjadams

    The Nine Day Queen of England: Lady Jane Grey

    Can someone fill me in on how this lady, Jane Grey, came to the throne of England and why she was executed, along with her husband, nine days later? Why kill her? Was she such a threat?
  6. Crystal Rainbow

    Thomas Grey, Marquess of Dorset

    I have been trying to understand this man in history. From what I can gather he seemed to be friendly with Edward VI. He did not get on with Hastings and were considered court rivals. It seems also that he did not fare too Henry Tudors reign also. Was he a good guy? I have been trying to make...