1. Futurist

    Why did the Southeastern US's population grow much faster than the interior South's?

    Based on this map, you can see that the population of the Southeastern U.S.--specifically Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida--grew much faster than the population of the interior Southern U.S. (specifically U.S. states such as Alabama, Mississippi...
  2. 1991sudarshan

    Turkey Indirectly allowing ISIL to grow ?

    Recent attacks on PKK and Turkey refusal to support the strike against ISIL, is Turkey allowing ISIL to grow in the middle east? Is Turkey trying to get rid of both Asad regime and Kurd Minorities in the middle east region ?
  3. Jake10

    Are people who grow up in poverty more likely to make decisions which keep them poor?

    That's what this article says. Do you agree?
  4. Naomasa298

    Anti-corruption protests in India grow

    I've seen relatively little mention of this: BBC News - India corruption: Protests swell in support of Hazare The protests have now grown to tens of thousands of people across the country. Could this be India's "Spring" revolution of its own?
  5. C

    How did we grow from Egalitarianism to Plutocracy?

    How did we grow from Egalitarianism to Plutocracy? Bands of 5 to about 80 individuals generally comprised the social grouping in primitive human societies. We find this sort of social grouping presently in our closest non human relatives such as gorillas and chimpanzees. These human groups...