1. R

    Massacre of the Praetorian Guards?

    A while ago, I remember reading something that was rather odd to me, and I wanted to know if anyone had any information on this. I had been reading about Emperor Caracalla (at least I think it was him, it might have been someone else), and I read something about how he had taken some of his...
  2. FrostWyrm96

    How elite were the Praetorian guards?

    First of all, I want to know how "elite" were the praetorian guards in terms of strength, mobility, quality of equipment and their duties to protect the emperor. How were they actually raised to be a praetorian guard in service to the emperor? Were they handpicked by the emperor himself and/or...
  3. H

    History of military honor guards

    I'm curious about th ehistory of military honor guards ,how they came about and how one got chosen to be an honor guard. I'm trying to downsize and get rid of some junk, and found a little memo book from WW2 that belonged to my late father. He mentions about going to Fort Sheridan, ,and other...
  4. El Cid

    KZ-camp and Jewish guards in it?

    I just recently saw the movie “The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas” which dealt about a KZ camp and a Nazi top person whose son became friend with a little Jewish boy. However somehow before the end I saw something that surprised me a little as I saw some of the prisoners worked as a...
  5. T

    Which countries were the Varangian Guards come from

    Which countries were the Varangian Guards from, were many of these braves from Slavic countries, Nordic countries or Other similar countries?
  6. R

    Buckingham Palace Guards

    I put this in the history thread so people can feel free to put historical tidbits about the Buckingham Palace guards. However, the burning question that I must ask is this - has anyone ever successfully made them laugh? And have any tourists ever gone too far in trying to make them laugh?
  7. BlackViper

    June 4, 2012 [ Changing of the Guards ]

    NBA History Oklahoma City Thunder Defeating San Antonio Spurs!!! :laugh::):nuts::rolleyes::D Sorry, living in the state of Oklahoma in the United States. :cool:
  8. Inc

    Caligula - Praetorian Guards Family also?

    I've read somewhere that Caligula's wife and baby daughter were murdered around the same time as the infamous one. As he was murdered by his Praetarian Guards suspicion would seem to point in their direction, but then again why would they do that? :unsure: Did his guards kill his family also?
  9. Rommel

    Who were the Swiss Guards?

    Who were the swiss guards? is it a cult? do they serve anyone? or do they kill for money? HOw'd they get their name? Were they Swiss?
  10. Thessalonian

    Guards over-react to middle finger in South Africa

    "South African President Jacob Zuma's elite guards overstepped their authority when they arrested and roughed up a student who they thought made an obscene hand gesture, a government commission said on Thursday." Guards over-react to middle finger | Reuters
  11. okamido

    Phocian guards at Kallidromos

    On Mt Kallidromos, overlooking the battle of Thermopylae, 1,000 Phocians pledged to Leonidas to hold the goat path that would allow the Persians to turn the Greek's flank at Thermopylae. The Persian commander Hydarnes, as well as the Immortals, a Persian Corps D'elit every bit as professional as...
  12. C

    Why did the Nazis prosecute SS guards for abusing concentration camp inmates?

    Georg Konrad Morgen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I just stumbled onto this article about Georg Morgen in Wikipedia. His job was to investigate crimes committed against concentration camp inmates. He had several SS officers put to death for murdering prisoners. Now, this makes absolutely...
  13. B

    The Best Royal Guards (or Imperial Guards)

    Just Joined this forum actually and I wanted to start right. Most of us reacted upon armies and soldiers of Kings and Emperors. What about the guards who protected them? What guard type do you think is the best? Here's my top 5: 1. Janissaries 2. Varangian Guard 3. Praetorian Guard 4...