1. Old Reb

    Greatest Guerrillas of the 20th Century

    I have a short list of 6. 1. Emilio Aguinaldo (1869-1964). Led insurrection against both Spanish and Americans in the Philippines (late 1890's-early 1900's). Was the Philippines first President. 2. Paul Von Lettow-Vorbeck (1870-1964). With less than 14,000 men, mostly black colonial...
  2. Domnall Ballach

    Does Renamo prove guerrillas don't need civilian support?

    Basically, Renamo was (and is) a US and Apartheid-backed traditionalist insurgency that fought the Marxist-Leninist Frelimo government shortly after Mozambique's independence in 1975. Their strategy was the polar opposite of hearts and minds, even in the north, where they wanted to secure...
  3. LordZ

    If you were in charge of waging a war against guerrillas

    If you were in charge of waging a war against guerrillas, how would you do it? What tactics and strategy would you use? Discuss.
  4. bartieboy

    Chinese guerrillas after the civil war

    My dearest people of Historum, My latest question is again one on Chinese history. Now, as I have said before, this is not exactly my terrain but I must admit to be slightly curious to certain episodes. This stems forth from my recent interest in what you could call ''fighters for a lost...
  5. Ruskhan

    Guerrillas vs Army, Question

    Is there any examples, in worlds history where regular army was defeated by irregulars? First thing that comes to mind is Vietnam War and Soviet-Afghan war. But both of those "defeats" were more do to intern problems of Super Powers then a pure military victory. So? :)
  6. Pellethie

    Guerrillas versus Rangers

    500 mounted Texas Rangers from the early 1860s against just as many mounted Missouri Confederate Guerrillas from the same time armed with period weapons. The terrain fought upon would be an expanse of wooded hills, fields and open prairie. Who would stand a better chance at victory ?