1. B

    Help needed to identify an old gun

    Hi First of all, apologies if I have posted this in the wrong area. Im trying to identify what type of guns these are and if they can be repaired. I live in Ireland. They have been in our family for a long time. Thanks, in advance for your time. Aidan PS I have more photos, its hard work...
  2. T

    The probably earliest assassination by gun sniper in the world history

    Just share with us if you know any example worthy for discussion, here comes the first example by me. ========================= As early as AD 1566.... The Japanese Sengoku daimyo Mimura Iechika (三村家親) was assassinated by a "sniping shot" from an arquebusier! Very likely the earliest...
  3. A

    Why didn't Bornu's gun technology diffuse?

    I read that the Kanem-Bornu Empire in central Africa was one of the first sub-saharan states to widely adopt the firearm into their military in the 16th century thanks to close relationship with the Ottomans. They also had quite an extensive territorial claim, stretching from Chad, Sudan to...
  4. Menshevik

    Pro-gun control people, how would you make gun control work?

    I suppose I fall on the side of being one of the pro-gun people. I definitely believe in some amount of gun control, but I think I it should be less control and restriction as opposed to more. I want to challenge my beliefs and how I think about the subject, so, I'd like to hear from those of...
  5. K

    Unknown matchlock gun found in California

    Some folks here probably know about this already, I thought it was pretty interesting: Anybody here have any theories on it's origin or how it might have got there? If it is of Asian...
  6. jameen

    How do the Chinese drive away bad spirits when gun powder is not yet discovered?

    What are the things that the ancient Chinese do in order to drive the bad spirits when gunpowder is not yet discovered so automatically they are no fire crackers and fireworks yet?
  7. R

    105mm L7 gun penetration

    Does anybody have any data for the penetration of the 105mm gun until 1990? How did this compare to the French 105mm gun used for the AMX-30 and 120mm rifled gun used by the British during the cold war? Was the L7 gun capable of penetrating the frontal armour of a T-72, T-64, or T-80 in 1985? I...
  8. H

    Who made the First Naval Truck Carriage?

    I was browsing through greatmingmilitary blog about asian ships compared to western ships. Interesting comparison between different warships of the Far East in the sixteenth and seventeenth century | Great Ming Military Regarding the Korean Turtle ship (Geobukseon), I noticed it noted it had...
  9. H

    old pocket gun

    Good evening Any useful infirmations about this gun
  10. W

    Does a crossbow operate like a gun? Can anyone can just start using crossbows?

    After testing my bow and realizing how tiring using them can be (even if the 12 lb draw weight was actually easy to draw and fire until after 15 minutes of non-stop usage), I am reminded of something I saw in reddit...
  11. Ruleoflaw

    Best WW2 Submachine gun

    I have included in the poll a representative for each country(most of them),write below if you consider an other one better than those on the list.
  12. The merchant of Venice

    Gun rights

    I'm curious about what opinion the community have towards gun rights. This is a generic question, is not focused on the situation and debates of the Us. How much access to guns do you think people should be allowed to have?
  13. A Vietnamese

    Most successful gun inventor?

    So who is the most successful gun inventor? Who had the best design? Who had the biggest influence? I think Browning and Mikhail are the most successful ones as their guns laid the foundation to modern small arms market.
  14. Shaheen

    The Dulmial Gun

    A nineteenth century cannon sits at the entrance of a Pakistani village. Michael Noble takes a look at the story of the Dulmial Gun. Dulmial is a village approximately a hundred miles south of Islamabad in Pakistan. A century ago, the area was part of British India, which meant that its...
  15. JoanOfArc007

    Ted Nugent defends anti-Semitic message on gun control

    Right-wing rocker Ted Nugent defended his anti-Semitic post slamming prominent supporters of gun control, bizarrely claiming that anyone with sense knows that "Jews for gun control are Nazis in disguise." In the original post on the Motor City Madman's Facebook page, the Nuge shared an...
  16. Lapiz

    Effectiveness of tanegashima?

    Hello, this is my first real post, i was wondering how accurate and powerful the tanegashima was, given that eventually there were more guns in japan alone then in the entirety of Europe they must've been quite effective. But then again, oda nobunaga got shot with 2 bullets from close range and...
  17. S

    Anti-Tank gun question.

    Would it be possible to use an anti-tank gun as a field gun. That is not for direct fire roles but actually beyond horizon fire?
  18. B

    Antique gun identification

    I have several interesting old guns and wanted to know where I post photos to elicit feedback?
  19. F

    Armstrong Gun Pattern 1760

    Hi All, My question concerns English naval history, and in particular the method developed by Armstrong in the design of naval guns of the late 18th century. I have been looking for the method developed by Armstrong in the hope of putting it practice and testing it out. The only information...
  20. F

    Why it took people so long to invent Machine Gun?

    It's known fact that gunpowder was discovered around 10th centruy and first firearms apperead around 13th century. But first Machine Gun apperead in early 19th century which is quite odd considering that Machine Gun is just gun geared with spring to automate the firing. So how come such...